Any Evo 2k8 Moments?

I know previous years have been highlighted with extraordinary moments (ex: 2k7’s MvC2 3 on 1 comeback). Just curious if 2k8 had any moments to look forward to seeing here or on Youtube.

I pulled a miracle super (in my eyes) against NKI in pools. I think that should constitute a moment, oh wait, it wasn’t recorded =(, and WHO AM I?

This is actually not a bad topic, someone please move it to the Evo forum.


  • CPU optic blasting the smashball in the Brawl finals

  • Guilty Gear’s success as a side tourney, with Faust vs. Venom in the grand finals!

  • The pause button drama in the Tekken finals

  • The announcers mocking all the 3s Chun on Chun action. I would pick “she’s using the table!”

But above all else, you have to go with…

  • John Choi. Nothing more needs to be said.

Yes.Year of the Choi. That’s enough right there.

Choi beating Bas in CvS2 grand finals.

John fucking Choi.


No Marvel moments?

Wait, Marvel was at evo this year?

Didn’t someone call out my name during Third Strike finals…

I don’t think calling out a name during a finals counts as an evo moment.

:sad: …it did for me

anyways, year of america! era of choi, fuck that