Any Evo attendees get their free DLC codes yet?


I registered for mine a long time ago and still haven’t received them, did you all get any?


Nope nothing yet :frowning:

Hopefully we get some sort new info about this soon.


Yeah, i asked about this earlier as well. Nothing, so far.


its super lame for them to offer this and not mention anything about timing.

apparently some people got theres a while ago. oh well its free can’t complain too much.


I still havent gotten mine’s yet


I was just about to make a thread. I haven’t gotten mine yet either. I need to play around with Christie right away!


This is so stupid. Characters are up, but no codes…


Still waiting on mine as well. I will post when I receive mine so we can guesstimate from there.


Also, might be an SRK-side thing, since that’s where the redemption page was.

Maybe try e-mailing SRK.


Got mine!


Just got mine.


Same here just got mine.

I think everyone should start checking their emails now!!!


Got it as well


Just got mine as well :slight_smile: Now if I could only get off of work early…


As with everyone else, just got mine as well. Hope everybody has fun.


I am european and my codes didnt work, the promotionnal code is for us ps store only?