Any execution techniques that I should learn that'll help in Street Fighter 5?

In SF4, P-linking was one of those little things that made getting down 1-frame links down and helped execution tremendously. I know that SF5 has more lenient windows for getting for combo input in, but are there any techniques I can learn to help further tighten up my execution when performing combos in game?

Nothing quite like plinking and emerged yet, but the game isn’t even out yet.

For now just work on tiger knees, hit confirming off single normals and charging as quickly as possible. So far the high level execution in SFV revolves around those techniques.

Probably double tapping. Pretty efficient way to make your combos crispier. To practice this go on training mode with Sagat in usf4 and double tap his st.HK. if you mess up then obviously youre messing it up but if it cancels then you have double tapped lol. There is also a trial that Sagat has in the game if im not mistaken that has you cancel out the st.HK

What’s the best way to practice this, set the dummy to random block? Hit confirming off of a single normal sounds very difficult. Do most people buffer a motion as soon as they hit the button for a normal?

Yeah, pretty much.

Would this also be move dependent? I’ve hear in Third Strike, Chun-Li had a pretty big buffer window for into super.

Is P-Linking still in SF5? I remember reading that they were removing it, but during the betas I was still getting the P-Link input on the input display whenever I tried it.

Yeah. To take Ken as an example: it’s relatively easy to confirm his c.MP or s.MP into super if you’re buffering his super, since you’re linking the super after the moves rather than canceling them. Confirming his c.MK into super, on the other hand, is a lot harder because you’re cancelling the move into super and your window of reaction is a lot smaller (it’s supposedly possible to do, but I sure as hell can’t do it). However, there are some moves in 3S with large cancel windows (the aforementioned Chun c.MK and a lot of characters’ cl.MKs, for example), which makes it a lot more feasible to confirm them.

An fyi, eventhough this topic has been discussed before, but confirming of a single normal(medium or heavy attacks) does not mean hitconfirming that single normal and cancelling it into a special. It means doing the normal an on hit you link into another normal which you cancel into a special. On block you do something else that fits the situation.

“Linking” specials or normals after hitconfirming a single attack on reaction on the otherhand is definately possible. Btw dont worry too much about this stuff, itll become easier whe you know what to look for and after youve played more. No need to set the bar high in the beginning.