Any existing SSF4 PS3 players in the Union City/Fremont area?

Getting tired of online play, I want some people to play with in person! Any locals?

:lol: Hey me and Grimmz both live in Union City. We play on xbox 360 but I don’t mind playing on Ps3 as long as there is a controller. My group is also hosting the “WINTER SUPREMACY!” tournament on Dec. 18th at Devry University in Fremont. Details are toward the top of the forum in this North Pacific section. Plenty of casuals there too. :cool:

I live in fremont

i live in san jose/milpitas area. broken system and no money to fix. im dying to have some live play…been months. if you got controller or stix im down.

i work in fremont…live in santa cruz though.

If you want to play some lag free matches online send me a FR: psn id is mazzurco