Any experience with this..?

I am in the process of making my own stick. Not too good at woodwork, so I thought I would buy a case. Has anyone had any experiences or feedback with this particular case?

ARCADE STICK JOYSTICK CASE BOX MADCATZ TE VEWLIX LAYOUT - eBay, Other, Electronics. (end time 25-Aug-10 14:18:11 AEST)

have many ppl bought from niking niking for their parts etc? they seem a lil pricey on their arcade parts though…

ps: also, would it be too difficult to add plexi ontop for artwork etc? and will it affect the height of the JLF?

He is actually a Member here on SRK.
He was active last year.

There are some Members here who sell cheap price Cases.
Are you not wanting to buy because you are Australia?

I guess the free shipping from NIKING.NIKING would save you money.

Yeah I was very interested in the people on SRK selling cases, except the fact that shipping just costs too much :frowning: Even the case from niking was expensive (he used to advertise for 19.95 for case and 24.95 for p+h) but its the cheapest price I could find a case for, I guess something under 50 is OK. Have you any experience with this case? the paint job look at best average…

I’ve not experience the Case. :sad: