Any expert ragna players could you help me out?


i Main Ragna, i Guess i’m advanced an ragna player but, How do i play Ragna ? is he a Defensive Character? Aggressive? i wanna be as good with ragna as kaqn … i Can’t play BB CT or CS at Arcades Cause my Arcade has NO Arcade games! the newest arcade Game they have is T5:DR… but anyways, if any expert ragna players could give me some tips i’d appreciate it :smiley: i Just Want to be a really good ragna player if You Want to Play, ADD my PSN: Suppression-- Message me First So i Can Remove some People


Try Dustloop. :coffee:


i already knew about dustloop, but thanks anyway :smiley: what does like the numbers mean like 214D??


sleazoid ur avatar is hilarious



I don’t think these two things match




to play ragna you do 5A s.B 5C s.D 214A qcb D throw. dp rapid 623C ABC dp is good 2.


the god’s Of Random capitalization ARE Pleased with Your syntax.


Just keep doing 5B/C’s, that’s all you’ll ever need.

Hint for numbers