Any facilities at evo2k for joystick sales/repair?

Are there any facilities at evo2k for joystick sales/repair? I want to come down there and offer pcb and joystick repair/sales service and was wondering what a good way to do that would be? Are there booths or tables set up?

This thread has the answer:

On a semi-related note, one service that could be really interesting is renting sticks for the weekend, especially for these poor souls who play on 360 and don’t have a PS3 stick, etc. I know I’d pay money for that.

Not a good idea unless you plan on losing your stick. There is always the scenario of “I had it right here and it just disappeared!”

Right… lets just avoid the whole stick borrowing thing.

All you have to do is handcuff the stick to the player and keep the key.

On that note, I’m selling handcuffs and stick handles.

There’d be a lot of interest in stick rentals for sure, sounds good but it’s way too unreliable and risky.

A renting strategy would be to charge full price for a stick, and then give back X amount upon return of the stick.

I actually thought of that as soon as i thought about theft.

If anybody is thinking about doing that then i would also suggest doing a mod service. You know, full sanwa/seimitsu mods or multiconsole mods

make it happen!

Only problem is if the person likes the stick you rented them, you’ve just, unbeknown to yourself, made a sale rather than a rental.