Any Family Fun Arcade people here?

Hey I’m new to the CvS2 scene been playing it back since February but I’m visiting Los Angeles and was wondering if anyone on here go to the FFA down in Granada Hills

if there are people who go there, I was just curious if anyone here could help me out on my game

I play K-groove Rock/Chun-Li/Ryu/Sagat/Cammy

Cammy being my best since everyone in the arcades own my Rock/Chun-Li/Ryu/ and Sagat hardcore lol

Yeah I’ve checked the character specific forums and have been watching a lot of match videos I think my main problem would be execution but I don’t know haha need someone to tell me what I do wrong

thanks in advance

I got to FFA.

FFA people like 3S more than CvS, so I would reccomend picking up that. Best 3S comp in the us :p.

Yeah, you should check the Pacific South forum and look under “Family Fun II” or the Family Fun MVC2 thread by Soomighty. I’ve been going to FFA since 1993 and they got good comp for every game, not just 3rd Strike. It’s just that you will always find good comp at 3rd Strike at any time, kinda like SHGL was to MVC2. I play lots of P-groove on weekends if you don’t mind that…

actually ffa pretty packed for all games all the time.