Any Family Members Play SF?

Simple. Anybody in your family tree a fellow fighter? I have one family member, my cousin. He was a SERIOUS SF head back in the 90s. He actually went to tournaments and won a few or so around the local Baltimore area. He’s actually the whole reason why I play and love Street Fighter, and video games in general. He was a real inspiration to me back in the day, watching him play against his friends and seeing these karate dudes beating the shit outta each other. I had to be like 6 or 7 around the time, and the rest is history. Been playing for years, and here I am now, 20 years old and still playing. I actually tried to get him to fight me, but according to him he’s “retired” lol. He has a wife and kids now so I understand where he’s coming from cause all he plays now is family games and shit. It sucks, but it feels like he’s passed his torch onto me. And sorry if this is in the wrong board.


My cousin first introduced me to arcades and my first arcade fighting game was Marvel Super Heroes. He became a heroin addict and I never heard from him again.

Sadly not, then again, I don’t keep in touch with my family.

my 16 year old nephew is buying ssfiv when it comes out, so we gonna play it together.

Started my younger brother on SF at the tender age of 5 back in the day. Flash forward more than a decade later, and he now places better than me in tourneys.

My little brother plays me in SFIV, HDR, KOF2002UM, and BB:CT from time to time

Well goddamn.

I hate to say it but I’m old enough to have sons that play SF. My 13 year old plays SF4 and HDR, my 7 year old plays SF4 (can do all the special moves and Ultras, not bad for 7) and also likes Soul Caliber 4 (I had nothing to do with that one, LOL).

I’ve actually taken my 13 year old to smaller, local tournies with me. He’s actually won a match here and there in SF4 and HDR. He always has fun, which is the important thing.

My wife says I’m a bad influence, LOL.

My sisters and older brother used to play 4-player EX3 for awhile. My little sister also played CVS2EO with me. She’s more of a SC2 person.

You have kids??

I’ve made one blog entry on this subject. Long story. Sad, but it’s a good one though, IMO.

link for you lazyasses. ;D

That was a damn good story, Cobra. You’ve gained much respect from me.

Aside from the tragedies you’ve mentioned, thats pretty much why I play. To carry on my cousins legacy here. A lot of my family even tells me that I LOOK and ACT like my cousin Demond. I guess that is a sign…

My older brother and cousin do. Apart from that, nobody else really.

  • No. My sister played Bushido Blade a while back, but didn’t do anything after I took my PS away.

  • My half cousin casuals Soul Calibur.

My younger brother plays chun. He’s pretty damn good.
I am the elder one and I play a gdlk ken.

Its really fun fighting your family members, especially if you guys are both decent. Too bad I’ll never experience it hah,

My older brother plays and Im trying to get my little brother into it

im teaching my five year old cousin how to play starting with sf4. so far he can hadoken at will on my spare arcade stick. in a few months he could be a flowchart ken.

thats actually cool as hell man. at least your not taking them to the horse track.

I have a cousin who raged quit on me during a game of sfiv on xbox live…he often gets mad when I win which is why I dont play him in fighting games period…he currently is dating a white emo chic he met on xbox live during a game a halo 3 who lives in another state…thats what his facebook status says anyway

me brother introduced me to the japanese version of project justice for the dreamcast…we had ggs then he got older and settled down into the family life