Any feedback on the newer X-Arcade pcb?

I’m not really sure where to post this as I am a noob (I don’t even own an arcade stick yet), and from reading over impressions on the boards, the x-arcade doesn’t seem like it would match up with the “What arcade stick should I buy” thread simply due to its reputation. However, most of the feedback I’ve read dates back to before they released sticks with the newer pcb and “lag free” adapters. Essentially what I’m getting at is this. If one were to swap out the stock parts with genuine arcade ones, is a 2nd gen X-Arcade a solid choice? I really want a good stick for fighters, but other arcade games are important to me too.

The newer production PCB are better on X-arcade and the base PCB is lag free.

Here is my entry of X-arcade on the What stick to buy thread


As you see I left out that the older PCBs had issues. The issues I pointed out was knock off of Happ’s Joystick and Buttons.

That the Extra 2 lower buttons on the layout stuck. And I don’t care for their adapters, which if you ask me you still off getting completely different adapters than the ones X-arcade offers which are SOLD separately. If you want an X-arcade get an X-arcade put get your adapters elsewhere.
eTokki have some of the better rated adapters on the market right now.

Also if you get an X-Arcade you still more than likely want tp open the Stick any way to swap the stock parts for Happ or better yet IL parts.

My eyes must have glazed over when I browsed that thread. My bad. I’ve looked into getting an arcade stick so many times, and I finally have a bit of money to take the plunge. I already knew going in to research my options for the nth time that I had to be cautious about the X-Arcade. Thanks for your quick response.

As stated many times previously, the PCB in the X-Arcade has always been lag-free. Some adapters did have lag, but the new 5in1 and 2in1 adapters are lag-free, and were beta tested by folks from this forum. The joysticks are made more for classic MAME gaming rather than geared towards fighters. An iL Eurostick from is affordable and drops right in. The buttons are preference, convex is used for most classic games while convex is used for most fighters.

Hope this helps.

I feel weird being the X-Arcade defender guy, but the 360 converter they are currently shipping is the Xtokki360.

what about the BYO pcb and the gaming adapters

BYO PCB is just X-arcade’s PCB with a PS2 compatibility built in.