Any fellow newbies wanna play? I'm on PSN


vitalol here on PSN

really frustrated at this game currently, the matchmaking system is really poor compared to SF4 or starcraft or w/e

I pick “sma eskill” which is beginner pretty much and just person after person comes in and does 1 touch kill combos on me, this game has a terrible learning curve lol, it really seems like pure button sequence memorization in a big way, much more than other games i’ve played, but i digress

Anyways my skill level I don’t really know how to quantify in here. I’m like a 1500 PP level AE player with Abel, I can do most of the mission 8 and 9’s with the cast in UMvC3, like 2 different 10s, so if you feel like you are around that level or a bit higher it would be great for us to play, because same skill matchmaking is not working for me atm, it’s either a) players that somehow are allowed in though they shouldn’t be or b) people maybe smurfing by making new psn accounts? idk


We have multiple threads for you to meet up with players. Please use them.