Any Fighting Gameheads out there in the San Fernando Valley West Area?

I just moved out here from Virginia about a month or so ago and I’m looking for some folks that like to play fighting games; I’m just now starting to get back into the scope of things but I need some human opponents (because we all know we get better when we play against each other!!!). Just some casual players that still have a life outside of the house and likes to go out as well. These are the fighting games I’m currently getting back into:

All the Street Fighter 3s
Guilty Gear X2 (Is there a new one out???)
Tekken 5 (still got to get a PS3 to play some DR)
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Fatal Fury Mark Of The Wolves
Street Fighter Anthology
Both Capcom vs. SNKs
KOF Dream Match '99
KOF 11

And any others ya’ll might be playing that I havent heard of lol. So who’s down? I’m down with making some new friends on here as well!:wonder:

And just a note, I love to go to the arcade and challenge folks but I suck assheeks on the sticks…I still use the controllers…I guess its about time to step my gameup huh? lol

if you’re in van nuys, go to family fun arcade in granada hills…or hit me up if you have a stick for dreamcast so we can get in some mvc2 casuals

Yea come up to ffa sometime, always coo to play new fellaz.
Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344

Cool I’ll be up there today with the nephew. I suck on arcade sticks but trying to learn them …so guys don’t rape me too bad lol

Damn I’m late…but yeah I dont have a stick for dreamcast I just use the controller…but I’m trying to inves in an arcade stick so I can learn how to use it… been using the controller for most of my life lol. So when you want to meet up? Everybody else is too far from me lol