Any fighting games where you can suddenly switch teams?


Any team based fighting games where you can suddenly change sides and turn on your team mates? If not, then you see some game based on this idea years later, you know they stole this idea from me. Smart thing to do would be to register the patent and possibly earn few thousand dollars.


I don’t think that’s how patents work.


I wish there was a special kind of ban which prevents a user from starting new threads.


Roshi your not trying hard enough, you need to be more creative…post in GD witn your antics

“anyone ever fapped before a big date?” or some shit like that


Suddenly change teams? Nah…no games where your character suddenly turns gay. And as strange as Japan is, you think they would’ve covered that by now.


Are there even any team-based fighting games where one side can control multiple characters at the same time? Sure, Marvel has assist, but that’s just one predetermined attack, you’re not really controlling it.

Sure there’s Smash Brothers or something.

The general concept you’re suggesting is absolutely stupid by the way. If they want to win, they have to not switch teams, if it’s some sort of Free-For-All, then it’s just plain not good for competition.


Well, the first MVC had that double team mode where you controlled both characters at once for a short time, is that the sort of thing you mean?


Roshi meant “if yu could TURN on your teammate” Imo best game ever. I mean there are times in a man or womens life where they feel their spouse…BAN!


Jesus someone should ban this fuck, there’s like 4 or 5 shit topics on the front page.


:rofl: Damn, beat me to it.