Any fights break out because of this game?

I noticed that the game’s glitches can start fights. Somebody was losing to me once, he used the gambit glich with about 40 seconds left on the clock. He decided to leave after doing that, and i accidentally punched him in the back of the head. I know now that was wrong and I will try to control my temper in the future. But as you can clearly see he deservered it. Moving forward has anyone had a similar experience.

how do you “accidentally” punch him in the head?

thats what he security guard asked me as well. the important thing is the guy didn’t press charges. i told the guy (who did the glitch) that it was an accident/ and im sticking to that story just in case i ever get sued.

Personal - Pretty recently (less than a year ago), I was at a local arcade that I used to go to as a kid to play Marvel, but I didn’t understand shit about the game at the time. At this time, I was MUCH better (compared to my ~10-year-old-days, haha), and I knew what I was doing. I played MSP (the team I was attempting to learn at the time) against some guy’s Santhrax (he sucked with it…badly).

After our first game, I had won, so I pressed Start and proceeded to see what I could do with his dead-body. I get pushed lightly on the side and handed a “Don’t do that shit man. That’s disrespectful.” At first, I thought he was kidding, but then I saw his face. To be polite, I quickly replied with “I’m sorry, but everybody doesn’t have a problem with it…my bad.” He just shook his head. The next game, I landed a double-snap on his storm+commando, and proceeded to launch commando to death. After about 5 or so hits, He caught onto what was going on, and turned towards me, and proceeded to push me off the stick. He claimed I was cheap, and I shouldn’t do those types of things (he described it as “things that gave him no chance to come back”). He was much older, and i didnt want to start anything, so I just replied to him with something like “You shouldn’t be blindly calling your assists then. It’s part of the game. Don’t touch me again.” He was an employee at the arcade, so he couldn’t do anything more, due to risking being fired. That was the closest thing I’ve come to violence with the game.

Third Party - My friend, who attended a local SC3 tourney somewhere, told me there were Marvel casuals going on at the place as well. This one particular black dude played a low-tier team (all I got was Shuma was in it) against some guy who picked top-tier characters, and proceeded to completely destroy him. After the low-tier player won, the other player said somethign like “Lemme pick my real team”, and proceeded to pick another top-tier team. He lost again. After the 2-0 win, the low-tier player got in his face and said some things like “YOU SUCK AT THIS GAME! JUST QUIT MARVEL!” Apparently, only seconds after, a beer bottle found its way cracking onto the low-tier-player’s head, courtesy of the guy who just lost 0-2.

People I’ve played tend to walk away upon defeat.

However, will say that I’ve seen a fight over XvSF :7

people who actually get mad about something they consider cheap ALWAYS suck at the game, or can’t do the things a better player can. no sense getting bent out of shape about that. i will say i have been known to get upset when i’m playing on a crap stick though. i’ll break some shit at that point, but it’s more of a frustration thing and not aimed at whoever i’m playing against.

hmm… i’ve had the same experience, but i don’t think this one’s cheap though… i was playing casuals at a local arcade, i had 14 straight wins on one guy and he finally won after that(15th game), felt like i was really getting tired. then i just walked away as if nothing happened. the next day, he was looking at me like he wanna kill me, you know… clenching fists, the like.

the thought is that he spent 15 tokens just for that and only one token for me. lol

A friend of mine got punched in my absence by someone else because he was getting his ass kicked at MvC2 once. Let me assure you, that if I was present that wouldn’t have happened.

Nobody messes with or threatens me over MvC2 or any other game for that matter. If it happened, I’d walk over to the attendant, and have the person banned from the arcade.

This is only a set of theories, but the reasons why nobody messes with me are as follows…

1]We Canadians seem to be more laid back about everything than Statesmen.
-This is both a blessing and a curse because Canadians won’t protect their civil liberties. If you don’t protect them, they will be stolen from you by your government…
-Related to games, Violence against me has never happened over games. I was threatened once before, but I was like what then, 17, 18 or 19? I’m 30 now.

2]I have all kinds of disarming statements that I can use that slow the situation down.
-If you don’t like the way I play, don’t play me.
-If an opponent has a hard time defeating a strategy of mine, I’d be a fool to not use it.

3]I’m always trying to be polite, and that in and of itself has a disarming property.

4]My generally cheerful attitude when at the arcade

5]I’m black. Black people have an undeserved bad reputation, and are VERY intimidating. Especially when annoyed. I’ve noticed that when I look pissed, nobody fucks with me. Not unless they’re also black, or are much bigger than me.

6]I demand that others treat me with respect, and demand of myself that I treat others the same way.
-I will violate this rule sometimes if someone else doesn’t meet this simple demand, but this is rare.

7]If the person is on the machine, I view them as the owner of the machine. I must ask them if they want me to play against them before I do so. I expect the same courtesy from them [although these days it never happens. IMO, it should].
Besides, if they don’t want to play me, chances are, they’ll be off the machine soon anyways leaving it free for me to walk right in to use it.

Challenging me when I’m on the machine is essentially a right unfortunately. MvC2 isn’t like Virtual-On where you can hit your start button to accept the challenge of your opponent, or reject it making them to play the computer instead of you. However, there is a flip side to the coin…

8]I as an individual, can refuse to challenge someone in any video game on ANY grounds I see fit. This means that if I’m facing someone that I always beat, that always complains and is always rude to me when I beat them, I can strip them of the privilege of my challenges by not putting my coin in the machine.
-This is even deadlier than if I was playing him because instead, I can observe his strategy and figure him out by observing him. Now I know holes that I wouldn’t have detected in the stressful situation of actual game play. Holes that are in addition to the holes I already know about. The rapes would become even MORE awful. And because they are less frequent [I’m not playing him as often] he is denied the opportunities to get pissed enough at me to resort to violence.

It is for these reasons why violence never is perpetrated against me when I play. I just have too many peaceful ways to disarm the situation without risking serious injury to myself or most likely, my opponent from violence.

All you need to prevent violence against you at the arcade is a change in mentality, and to respect others.
-Always ask for permission before playing someone
-Refuse to challenge whiners. They’re no fun to play against.
-Never act rude or act arrogantly [even if you are]
-IF someone threatens you, call an observing player to get the attendant, and talk to the player in the attendant’s presence. Let him know that if he attempts to harm you he’ll get kicked out of the arcade forever, you’ll probably be back a few days later, and neither legal or physical mercy will be shown to him during or after the fight.

The closest that I witnessed was between this black guy and some Asian guy. The black guy was using Juggz/Cable/Psylocke and the Asian was using Magz/Cable/Psylocke. Black guy wins game 1 pretty easily. Asian wins game 2 with a nice comeback.

Black: "That’s bullshit. You got lucky"
Asian: "Yeah right, nigga"
Black: “Nigga?”…
Asian: <backs away from the machine>
Black: “That doesn’t even sound right coming from you”
:rofl: :lol:

I tried to fight someone once. Back when the game first came out, cable\IM\iceman all on projectile type was too much for me to handle. So I called the guy a cheap ass bitch and told him to step outside lol. He never did but looking back @ it now, that was kind of funny.

I also threatened to kick this others guys ass because he thought the gambit glitch was acceptable gameplay. I told him if he wasted another one of my quarters on that stupid glitch, that i’d shove my hand down his throat and pull up the first piece of matter I got my hands on. He never did it again :rofl:

Having said all of what I said above, I can totally see how violence can break out over MvC2. Same thing for any other game. Especially if it is in a bar. Drunk idiots playing that have no idea of what’s unfair and what isn’t, and have no concept of competitive gaming fighting experts or even intermediate players who do. That’s almost a recipe for violence.

I love that one. Too funny LOL

if anyone wanted to get in a fight over marvel cuz i beat them, i’d be more than happy to serve them a 2nd scrapin’. and you better believe i’m screaming “SHORYUKEN” as i knock there ass out

I’ve never been in a fight over Marvel, but i believe there have been times when i deserved a slap on the face for talking trash i wasn’t backing up.

Now i don’t trash, and prove myself in the game instead of with my mouth. I try to avoid situations of confertations when it comes to Marvel. I never play when i see some “Ghetto” looking people on the machine, but i will play if they come up, and play me. I remember one time i was playing marvel with a friend, and these 2 Black guys were playing some basketball game, and they were being really loud whenever one would make a shot or whatever. I was glad they didn’t play marvel cause they both were getting mad when they would mess up.

The problem now a days is that alot of people can’t handle losing, and don’t look at a lost and find what they did wrong so that they can improve for the next match.

I remember playing this one guy, It was my SScable vs his Doom/Tron/CapCom (3 kick-ass assists)
It comes down to 2-0 w/ me in the lead.
He says “Cheatin ass nigga.” I ignore the comment.
The next match I totally dominated him w/ an OCV and I yell “Yeeaaah!”

He gets up and I guess clinches his fists together and hits me in the shoulder.
Now I’m up and we’re at a staredown,
but the owner eventually sees us and rushes to seperate us.

I wanted to shove him to the side and put hands on this mutha fucka, but he threatened to ban us both so I backed out, and the guy left.
Never saw him again (I had heard he got banned)
But that’s when I 1st discovered that people will scrap over Marvel.

He never saw him hit me, so he wouldn’t believe me.
Cuz I was bout to call the homies up and jump that mutha fucka.
All because of 3 games of Marvel.

if you try and scrape someone, do it yourself.

quarters are worth less than a bruise and tension.

when somebody says something…if you say nothing back but make eye contact, and keep doing what you do, more than likely they leave it alone…but you can’t allow somebody to put hands on you for no reason…the minute anybody threatens you; you have to let them know in your own way that that type of behavior will not fly =)

i live in atlanta and dont have problems, juss dont egg them on n make fun of them but at the same time make eye contact so they know you know they pissed…but jusss dont really care enough to change whatever your doing…basically saying, if u want to make a move…make it, 99% of the time, all of them are about talkin that booshiet and not walking any =)

I watch a fight break out over sonson ocv a whole team and the player was a girl funny at the time.

not that great of a fighter, so I cheat lol