Any free-to-play PC fighting games besides "King of Combat"?


I need mooooooooooore


Work for a few hours=Get money to buy a fighting game. Solves your lack of variety problem.



There was that Dead or Alive Online game we had here (China), it got shutdown but I think there is still some server in Russia running it.


Does Dungeon Fighter Online count as a fighting game? It’s kind of a beat’em’up sidescroller but it has 1 on 1 fighting as well and back when I was messing around with it there seemed to be some fairly interesting combos and strategies going on given what it was.


DFO was actually killed by Nexon NA. You probably would have to find a way to play DNF in Korea or China if you wanted to play the game now. Or Arad Senki which is the japanese version but I think the other two are more popular and up to date. Though someone who actually plays DNF on the chinese or korean servers would know more.