Any french speaker here who can confirm this? (BBCS2 dlc price,new Guilty Gear, etc.)

BBCS News only. Anything else = TEMPBAN. CS2 for PSP and 3DS announced

From this video : WGc conférence 1 créateur GG / BB, Recorded on 26/02/2011 Neo-arcadia on USTREAM. Gaming Entertainment here’s what I got
-New guilty gear coming. He can’t say when.
-BBCS2 for console: Update coming no date. “but soon”
-Nothing planned for a BB vs GG
-HNK2: Ask Sega, he doesn’t know
-BB: Character design for the future will be more “serious” than “fanservice”
-he said something about gameplay vs design but I didn’t quite understand
-Some dude asked why Bang and Litchi are so overpowered and why Tager is so weak and when they would make Tager broken: “No”
-Are the japanese impressed by the French scene: he enjoyed the ambiance and atmosphere of the tournament

That’s all I got.

edit: if you need anything else translated feel free to let me know.

-insert halo reach flash video level of hype-

New guilty gear coming. He can’t say when.

Awesome and bad at the same time expect guilty gear with bullshit like in mvc3 and ssfiv.

I am glad someone else realizes this.

Let’s face it people, even if we get a new Guilty Gear, it’s going to be more like the modern games (BlazBlue/SF IV/MvC 3/etc.) than Guilty Gear, and if that wasn’t your cup of tea…well…tough, that’s where the money is.

Unfortunately this is completely true.

I’m sure some of you have seen the video of a seminar where a fan asked why they had made BB for noobs instead of sticking with what they became known for with GG, extremely difficult execution-wise games. They responded that that was where the money is and that if the fans wanted them to keep making games they had to go where the money was.

As long as they stick with the same mechanics of GG, then it can’t be as shitty as Blazblue. So I’m hyped.


I-NO, i-no, i-no what it’ll be. it’ll be a chibi fighter for the psp. just like Fate tiger coliseum upper or SF pocket fighter!

GG series
ya had a good run.

So, basically nothing new. I think we’d previously established:

a) Daisuke says that he’ll make a new GG game of undisclosed genre at an undisclosed point in the future
b) CSII will probably come with Platinum in a month or two
c) Those things that aren’t happening aren’t happening

A new GG 2D fighter isn’t going to be BB with different sprites, who the hell do you think the people who’d make that game are? Sure they’ll cut back from Accent Core, but Accent Core was fairly bloated with sub-systems and has some kind of hacky balancing tricks like any version that late in a series will. It’s not like SFIII kept everything from its predecessors either.

Guilty Gear Overture 2

things that we know from previous interviews
there will be a new GG
ishiwatari want to make bth, a new overture and a new fighting game
i pachi were the one to make it, he wuld do it 3d and without FRC and SB
at some pintit was said by the ceo of ASW that they want to keep making 2d games

Here’s hoping it’s a 1 on 1 fighter. If it’s another shitty spin-off, I’d rather Ishitawari let the franchise die.

OH MY GOD YES!!! Especially the news on the character design! <3

Anybody here remember Guilty Gear Gaiden? :shake:

I try not to.

Do not bring that game ever again.


Well, this is the point I am at with the series. I just want my Ky back… when and how, I really don’t care any more. Infact, I want them to take the time to do it right… so I am more than willing to wait (if it’s coming). However, I am not going to get my hopes up when BB is keeping them plenty busy. On the plus side, Sega is giving them a pass on the IP? Cool, Sega.

So what is to say that they are not talking about the 3DS/PSP ports in this?

Excuse me, I need to vent out the raging fanboi in me. DO IT ARC! GET IT DONE!

Am I the only one that does not object to this?

That is an open statement, I am assuming that he is talking about any new characters to the roster? Because I don’t see them doing another Blaz for scratch, and redefining the characters from there. Simply too much work involved with that kind of overhaul, welcome as it may be.

I know what you mean.

If that what happens, start writing the Guilty Gear eulogy…

Because they have dates and he’s talking about an update.

I think he means not only new characters, but the existing one as well. CS’s ending does imply some sort of time skip is in order, not to mention spoilerrific stuff that would warrant character redesigns.

It wouldn’t make sense for some characters to stay the way they are right now.

Maybe, maybe not… since well it’s more of a question of an update to what? The game (I’ll assume the CS1 build), info on the game? Etc.

If that is the case then I expect them to redefine the gameplay mechanics at some point. If you start with new sprite work for defined characters, you might as well put all that cost and resources towards a new game… only way it even begins to make sense once you step out of the storyline.

Dammit, Daisuke & ASW! The Souten no Ken manga is now over, and to my knowledge, doesn’t have any major license holders! As long as you’re likely going to have to make all-new sprites/models all over again any way? You might as well make the jump to the new manga series, which has a Kenshiro and supporting cast who are just as bad-ass (if not arguably more so, imo).

So a new GG is finally on the horizon?
I’ll be sure to try and keep my hype on a realistic level.
Hopefully they won’t dumb it down since they got BB for that crowd.