Any furhter tips on stick use?


Pad player switching to stick, cause I’m finding that my execution on combos using pad aren’t that crisp. And when it comes to online, after being frustrated I just think “Screw it, I’ll hit buttons like everyone else”. Atm I’m doing 50 hadoukens, 50 shoryukens and 50 tatsus, normal and ex on each side of the screen. Then 50 of Kens,, hadouken, SA3.

yeah im looking for tips too, i just got a hori stick. Any tips on canceling into supers? like Gouki’s or Ken’s?

practice, practice, practice

Look at the bit on negative edge near the end of the vid/maybe 3/4ths way in. Practice that for 3s (should work with other games, but especially useful in 3s). The video shows the stick and button pushes at top to make it easierto understand. The whole video is amazing for 3s and fighting mechanics in general, but if you just want help with getting super arts out, that should help you immensely.

Fifty reps of certain moves is good for helping you get used to doing those moves on the stick, definitely. Just remember to do it on both sides. Especially the Double QCF motion (supers).

The trick to getting better using stick really is time. Once you get used to doing motions on the stick, you’ll be on your way. The trick truly is practice, practice, practice.

Oh and
find a way to hold the stick that allows for the greatest range of motion and speed while still being comfortable to you.

The most important choice when switching to stick is how you hold the stick. I suggest the wineglass hold because it decreases the amount your wrist has to move to move the stick, making movements easier and faster. That’s what I use. Anyway, try lots of different ways of holding the stick and go with what seems comfortable and efficient.

Yeah, Right before 3SOE came out, I noticed that I was having issues doing Double QCF on the left facing right. I witched to the wineglass today (from the ‘no homo’) and I’m back to 100%. Gonna take some getting used to it so that I don’t revert back to something that wasn’t working for me as well as I originally thought.

And don’t spill orange juice on your buttons like I did. #floridaswag

Should I just stick to Arcade mode for now? And lol @ orange juice.

You definitely can use that to help you get better at using a stick. Working on motions in training mode is all good, but actually fighting will help you get better faster. It’ll help you more in the way of executing without wasted movement and shit like that.