Any game recommendations for newbie


Hey all,

I’m pretty new to fighting games and looking for a good starter game. One that can ease me into the things. I was thinking of picking up Soul Calibur 5 or King of Fighters 13. Anyone have any recommendations for a starter game?



Pick up whatever game that you’d think you would enjoy playing, SC5 is a fun game that you can mess around with and enjoy and you can also take it to a higher level and really study matchups and frame data to become competitive. KOF13 is a fun game that allows you to play aggressively, but is very technical, and rewards high execution.

Personally I would recommend SF4. It’s extremely simple to get into, there’s no complex move list that you’ll have to memorize, and the execution is much easier than KOF or SC5 imo.


I’m a noob as well, and I’ve actually found SF4 to be pretty execution intensive, as opposed to something like BlazBlue, which has very long combo strings but feels more forgiving on the actual input. Also, 4 attacks versus 6 in SF4.

It also depends on who you will be playing with. Do you have friends who play a particular game, or will you be playing online? If all your friends play something I would say go with that, whatever it is. Being able to talk to them and practice with them will probably help you more than a lower difficulty curve will.

If you’re playing online, go for a game with good netcode. I actually have a thread herewith people talking about how good or bad online modes are for various games. KOFXIII is terrible, evidently. BlazBlue and Skullgirls are top notch, and SF4 is just decent. SCV looks like it’s not bad either.


Coolbeans. Ty for reply guys. I would be mostly playing online and the cpu as none of my friends play fighting games. I may go with SC5 or wait for DOA5 as the 3d fighting games look more appealing to me.


For 2D fighters: SSF4:AE
For 3D fighters: Tekken series


get the easiest game to learn.
in the bad ass announcers voice*
“Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition!” press start


But still pick up KoF on the side, because that game is a lot of fun.
Also someday when you’re good at both games you can use your amazing KoF execution to dominate Street Fighter 5 (which presumably will consist of 30~ high execution vortex glass cannons)


I think marvel 3 would be much easier at this point then sf4,but between sc5 and kof I would say sc5,its easier and has better online,unless you know a group of kof players to play offline best get sc5


Takes off turtle beaches, wipes blood from ears, and turns down volume. That shit is mad loud with headphones.

And yes SF4 can be pretty easy to learn.


Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown is beckoning you to the ring, to do have the guts to answer it’s calling?


SS:5 OR 6

that is all


Capcom vs SNK 2 is a great game, not sure if it would be an ideal starter for most newer gamers though.


i found that cvs2 really helped my execution. its a pretty good speed, and it forces you to not be lazy.

Pick S groove, go into training mode, pick ryu to do basic stuff, and keep throwing supers and stuff.

For other types of inputs, I found Iori to give a good base of some KOF style inputs, and then for other stuff Vice has some pretty hard ones (HCB HCB)


Yea, I love playing it at full speed and practicing things. When you play SF4 and go back to it after a long time, most people are shocked by how lax they’ve gotten in execution. None of that watered down stuff.

I did paint the fence and a few other things to get used to stick. I’m not sure if the AVERAGE gamer today would be as susceptible to it though.