Any Gen's @ Evo?

Surely I wont be the only Gen at evo, who else is going?

Not me -_-
My bro M. Gillen is playing Ken @ Evo this year, he’s going for the cowboy hat.

He can combo s.jab into U2, lololololololol

My gut tells me there will be very few Gens, if any.

I was planning to attend this year but due to expenses and finances not working out like I thought they would I am unable. I still wouldn’t rep Gen there though, probably C.viper.

So can anybody else who wants to use U2 and has 10-15 minutes to spend in training mode.

Well, if you are the only one be safe in the knowledge that I will probably be the only one at Super vs Battle!

I’ll be there, I’m in pool c and will be drinking heavily so gen will seem better to me

I’m in pool H. Got Chris Hu and Ryan Hart in mine. Woot!

Oh noes! Watch out for Ryan Hart’s off-putting cough! He hocks up phlegm all through the loading screen :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Lucky Cold. If you end up playing someone else that has projectiles. Chris Hu loves to Ultra 1 through them. Just a Tip.

If I play anyone else it will be cammy if I get put up against a good rushdown rufus or something like that. Still gonna start off with Gen though. Against Ryu and other shodo’s I’m better with Gen.

well, if his previous matches are anything to do by he will not be very familiar with Gen. I remember him playing Luffy (sick Rose player from France) and he just kept throwing out hadoukens…pretty stupid. I mean he knows his fundamentals and footsies very well, but some of his videos show him not being familiar with rare characters.

Sick man, let us know how it goes. Sounds like a great time!

I saw one Gen on the stream, he couldn’t follow up Oga hits. Makes me kinda sad.

That sucks. It was kinda sad knowing that no Gen made it to top 32, but at least an Adon did.

Wooh Adon! Oh wait I hate him.

There was a Gen player, but he failed pretty badly and switched to Adon the second round. I was hoping for some nice Gen action but from those that I’ve seen so far they aren’t that good. One Gen didn’t complete his Gekiro’s…I mean come on. Oh well, I’m surprised that Marn didn’t make it though, seemed to drop a lot of viper combos, wasn’t on point at all.

Yea its bad when you see Gen’s at evo that arent nearly as good as yourself or others you watch online.

Where are they when we need representation!?

The player who tried Gen and then switched to Adon was ‘Danny L’. I’d never heard of him before, but his Gen play was shaky at best. It was good to see some representation at EVO though.

He’s a well known Street Fighter Alpha series player, hence him picking Alpha characters.

I was a Gen at EVO. I dunno if anyone saw me or anything but I stood out quite a bit because I was the only dude there in full military uniform. I got screwed over by work this weekend, so I got DQ’ed in the two tourney’s I entered, but it’s whatever I guess. I hope the $70 I spent went to good use.

I went 3 and 2 at evo. Beat 2 Sims, then a Ryu. Then lost to Neo (The Juri/Chun.) and then had to fight yet ANOTHER sim, and I just ran out of patience. Sim already pushes my patience and so having to fight 3 just pushed me down. 3rd one wasn’t even the best one I fought, I just started playing stupid and jumping in a lot. Although I almost won, I ended up losing for guessing wrong after an ultra, most sims I fight slide after ultra, this one immediately did overhead into super which pretty much evened us out when I had a huge life lead. He eventually just pulled it through.

Was way fun though, had a good time. Didn’t get to money match anyone cause every room I went to most the top players were just way drunk. Could’ve fought champ, but I really didn’t want to fight another sim.