Any Gill infinites?



Yeah, you guys know anything about Gills infinite?

And some combos I like to learn.


Gill has some really good combos (100%) that i saw a friend do in the corner on ryu. here’s one, ive got the jist of it but havent seen it recently so the first series of hp might be one too many. anyway:

jump in hp/hk,c hp (2-hits),c hp,hp clothesline(2-hits),c hp,hp clothesline (2-hits) -----dizzy------ repeat to KO.

yes no meter required!
you can also do loads of combos by cancelling a fireball into meteor shower whilst juggling. could anyone describe this?


the gotta be in the corner for the Meteor juggle and ya timing but be quick


How can you play Gill?

Never mind… I just find out… the only way NORMAL WAY to play Gill is through X-COPY.


yes4me’s faq question #6:
How do you play Gill?
-> through Xcopy


hehe i just did
in the corner
jump in hp/hk --> c.fierce > c.fierce cancel headbutt x2 > Angel shit


gill infinites do exist but can only be done in the anniversary collection to unlock him beat the game with everyone then press up on Yun throrough system direction and extra options you have now attained you can mess with alot of game settings


try this combo, in the corner

jump in HP/HK
down HP + forward x 4 (each with one hit)


jump in HP/HK
down HP + forward x 2 (each with one hit)
jump HP
standing HP

hav fun


Hmmm how do you get Gill?


beat the game with everyone and he is in between yun and yang but there is no icon for him just press down when u highlight yang or up if you highlight yun