Any girls on AE?

I think I’ve played OP’s Chun before, she was pretty good.

Ignore the haters OP, and if you can’t ignore them, feed into their misogyny and make them feel even more awful that they lost to you. Send a reply to their rage mail belittling them, then block.

Oh, I’m sure you’d get just as much if not more hate mail if you weren’t female. It’d just be a different kind of hate mail.

Oh I do that :lol: I block them then I tend to laugh at the fact that they can’t reply back in earnst knowing I can see their childish messages :lol: So it makes me feel good.

I’m sure guys get it just the same, but they probably don’t get belittled as much as women do online TBH.

Of course, Sakura, Viper, Rose, Cammy, Chun, and a few others. Check them out!

i think its interesting that you have an Xbox and internet in your kitchen

i kid

Woops, I’m a Juri main, Guile sub :o I have to say none of the SF4 characters feel particularly sexualized to me (I know Juri is meant to be sexy, but I’m not really seeing it)… compared to Ivy from Soul Calibur say or half the cast of Blazblue, which is a little over the top. I’d like to think we’re picking characters based on their playstyles and not their design or gender though :s

Well I just started using Cody, so I don’t see how a woman should always just use female charecters.
I use the ones that I like not based on the face face that they are women.

I also have a B rank Adon and Blanka so it’s not all true about what they say TBH :xeye:

Well my girlfriend uses Honda and Blanka in SF4 and ST. In fact she makes it a point NOT to use Chun or Cammy because of how clichè it is.

I just think that the stereotype that all girls use Chun-Li only exists because of the fact that is the most well-known female character in SF, the very first female fighter in a competitive fighting game, and her playstyle isn’t too execution intensive and she’s easy to pick up. Even if females don’t play fighting games at all, they ALL know who Chun-Li is, so most first-time female players gravitate to what they know.

Seems like theres more females in Mortal Kombat and anime fighters. I rarely run into girls that played SF before lol.

Kayane and Choco are also playing on 360.

you’re right they’re GIRLS. G(uy) I(n R(eal) L(ife)

I played one called ladystrpfighter I was disappointed expected her to pick Dan.

I’ve noticed that girls also like to pick Blanka for some reason maybe they like hairy chest…

Awhh, I wish you had ps3! My psn is Hurricane_Jane for any other girl ssf4ae players out there!

I’m a girl[details=Spoiler]according to srk front page articles[/details]

that’s messed up calling them guys when I’ve met the majority if not all of them in person =/ learn to travel brah

You lost credibility when you said Call of duty. THATS NOT A REAL GAME. Its in the same vein as Madden or Farmville.

I only like Blanka because I use him a lot when I play HDRemix, and I onyl play as Cody these days because I was in endless and got him on random select and it just stuck with me…

Yeah, I’ve heard of Kayane and Choco, seen their video’s too.

Girl Gamers is so 2005