Any good and free video capturing software?

Recommend me a few.

I have a new TV tuner and an XBOX 360 to use with it, but the pack-in software blows(30 FPS max), and Dscaler simply refuses to put out any sound.

Use DScaler. Run the audio out of the console to the audio in on your sound card.

For display, you generally have three options. One is Windows Media Center, but it doesn’t seem like you have WinMCE or Vista. Two is whatever’s packed with your card. Three is DScaler.

As flawed as DScaler is, it’s free and it works reasonably well.

How on earth do I get a RCA audio cable to work with a PC’s onboard sound card?


radioshack is your friend

You need a Female RCA to male mini-jack cable.
Radio Shack should have them.