Any good arcade games?

Just bored out of my freaking mind!!!

So far I’m playing Strider Hiryu 2.

The capcom Aliens vs Predator is pretty good. Metal Slugs are timeless. I dunno, I’ll play any beat em up really.

Battle Circuit for sure. I don’t know what you mean by arcade games, but Battle Circuit is definitely up there in terms of beat em ups.

right now, anything.

I’m so damn bored!!!

Metamoqester. 2 player fighter gaming vs the CPU bosses.

Depends on your tastes. My rundown:

overhead shooters

don pachi
dangun feveron
194xx series


Ninja Master/Quest/Something
Kung Fu
my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Strider 2 is pretty rubbish compared to the original which I highly recommend.

any D&D game.

it’s not arcade but i think hyper frame mind cube is the dopest game in existence

If you like SHMUP’s, Perfect Cherry Blossom.

Knuckle Bash!! That game is hilarious and scary and awesome.
Also Battle Bakraid for SMUPS…i think its up there with Dodonpachi