Any good arcades in Delaware?

I want to know, are there any arcades around here in Delaware that have machines for multiple fighting games? I know a theater that has Tekken 5 and MvC2, but one, it’s far away, and two, where do I go for CvS2, 3s, KOF, etc? I would like to find a fighting game community in DE where I can get my sk1llz on.

You’re posting on the wrong side of the country guy.

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where in delaware u at? close to PA? i’ve been looking for comp in mvc2 for a long time down here…

i go to ESU… how far from there u at?

I live in Newark. The only arcade I’ve been to since I moved here, was part of a theater. It had Tekken 5 and MvC2 in it. It’s the theater on People’s Plaza. So there’s your MvC2 comp.

i honestly don’t even know where that located… newark… isn’t that in jersey?

Nah, there is a Newark NJ but he’s talking about closer to MD. I live about 20 mins away from Newark.

I know there’s a GGXX scene somewhere in Newark, but I can never get ahold of the guys. In that area though, the only arcade play you get is at the theater on a busted ass Tekken 5 machine, so anything that happens around here would have to be console based.

Where are you at mix? State college PA?

There’s a Newark in NJ, but there’s also a Newark in DE. BTW, the theater with the MvC2 machine is right near Baltimore.

Hey all,

I’m going to be moving up to DE, Newark actually, at the beginning of August.

Hopefully we can get some games organized sometime.

I play 3s, CFE, and A3. I’d be happy to pick up GGX if the scene is fun enough.

The movie theatre is in Peoples Plaza, which is in Glasgow. Glasgow is right across the border from Elkton, MD. Baltimore is actually a bit further away across the Chesapeake.

BTW, I live in New Castle.

The two malls In New Castle County, the Christiana Mall and Concord Mall, don’t have arcades, so basically, you’ll have to go to Pennsylvannia, New Jersey, or New York.

In Pennsylvania, the Roosevelt Mall, Lehigh Valley Mall, Neshaminy Mall all have arcades. I’m not too sure about New Jersey, and I’m sure everyone knows about Chinatown Fair in New York.

It really irks me that the King Of Prussia Mall doesn’t have an arcade considering that it’s the largest mall on the east coast and the second largest mall in the country.

On the other hand, everything in New Castle County is pretty close, so it’d probably be better to meet up at someone’s house for games.

like everyone has said…

Peoples plaza has MVC2, SC2(heh), and Tekken 5.1

if your willing to take 30 to 45 mins of your time

you could go to Philly to UP… you can take Septa from Wilmington to Philly or drive straight there…

there is one in Dover which as Tekken DR, and SC3 arcade Edition but no 2D fighters at all… it’s wierd…

yea your better off going to a person’s place… i know alot of people who are playing 3S in Newark area… it’s like people for it and there’s others who started playing GGXSlash. So hit me on AIM if you trying to get up for some games at Nastrodamus6

in northern VA (by George Mason), 2.5-3 hours from UD ( I actually goto UD a couple times a year and party it up :D)… check it out and lemme know whats up