Any good beginner videos that demonstrate the basics in MvC2?

Did some searching online and on the forums and can’t find a decent video detailing things like when to change characters, what assists to pick with each, when to assist with them… etc… nooby stuff. I’m just looking for basic strategy i can;t seem to grasp it. i just pick my favorite characters and button mash. lol.

People don’t normally make videos for the super basics… but there are plenty of newbie help guides out there… particularly on this site.

Best advice since your having trouble… don’t button mash… how the smeg are you supposed to block while jamming the buttons?

All the stuff you pretty much looking for is within the game manual itself, refer to that for the super basic stuff.

Button-mashing?! No, think of button-mashing as if you’re playing the game blind folded. Take “MadTitan’s” advice as well button-mashing is a big No-No! You will lose matches all day long for button-mashing! Especially against someone who can tell what you’re doing.

The Marvel basics (strategy) IMO are best learned if you have someone who can explain and show you stuff in person. Someone can say “So to start learning strategy, pick Scrub, and your goal with Cable is to jump around and use fierce gun + jab air beams to chip + cover Cable with Sent drones + CapCom”, and I can go further and explain all the terms you don’t understand, but ultimately without seeing what I mean it’s going to be very hard to understand spacing/timing/how to react.

Any chance of talking to any good Marvel players in your home city/state?

Find a team you kind of like or want to learn, and then watch some videos of good people playing that team. You’ll want to learn the basic team combos yourself and copy other’s execution/playstyle until you figure out what you’re doing.