Any good component to vga or hdmi box for dreamcast/og xbox/ wii etc?



well i recently got a evo monitor and it only has vga n hdmi ports so i would like to get a component to vga or hdmi box for it i was thinking of getting the one in the link above does any 1 have one that can verify it works well or any others they would reconmend? i don’t play these systems often but would like to have the options too and figured one of these would be cheaper then buying vga cords for each system thanks

I have the first. It works well enough and is highly regarded. If your system can do VGA (Dreamcast) then you will get a crisper picture from the VGA cable. If you aren’t completely OCD you’ll be fine.

so it will work well with the component cables though right? i wanted to get this so i don’t have to get a vga cable for og xbox , dreamcast , and wii i could just use the component cables and hook a vga to the monitor to the vga box correct ?

also klye can you confirm it works fine on og xbox or wii if you have any of those consoles with component cables ? thanks

That’s correct. I’ve used it with an OG Xbox, PS2 and Wii via component cables. Haven’t tried DC. It does produce a good picture. What I’m saying is that if the system can do VGA (Dreamcast) then you are better getting a VGA cable for the system. The Xbox and Wii don’t do it natively so it would be a good solution for those.

alright i understand what you are saying now ill prob get the one you have then instead of the hdmi version seeing you have one and confirmed it works well

Yeah, I like it well enough. For what it’s worth I ended up setting up a Mame PC in place of the OG Xbox because the PC VGA gave a super crisp picture versus that converter gives a very nice picture. It’s definitely the way to go for older consoles though.

cool i wanted to know incase i get a kraylix 1p cab i would need to run all on the evo monitor

kyle u ever seen or herd about this xbox to vga from innovation?

I’m about to buy a hd box pro in the next few days. I researched quite a bit… and while it is not perfect, that is what I have decided to go with. = ]

This is not a real VGA box. The OG Xbox doesn’t do native VGA. The 360 does. You have to use a custom BIOS and a special VGA cable that you can’t really buy anymore. I wish I had one to test.

Cool. This is the same that we’re discussing above.

I have it, no complaints…Was going to use a modded xbox & make a cocktail cab awhile back…

ah i see

does it make the xbox picture look better in your opinion?

Yes it gives out a good picture but not sure if it enhances it or anything like that like a Dreamcast…Its just a cheap way to use an xbox on a monitor…

ah ok thanks

You are probably not on a CRT right? I’m picky as hell.