ANY GOOD fei longs want to play



i main balrog and latley i have been having difficult time with this matchup if anybody would like to play some games i got xbox and ps3 perfer xbox usernames on the left send me a invite or leave your gt and ill invite you, i need to level up

also i got 3500 pp if that matters which prolly doesnt


i dont consider myself a good Fei player but id like to learn the Rog matchup better. Send a friend invite and if you see me on drop an invite. My GamerTag is : POWER_TO_NEWYORK

i would like to know what in particular is giving you a problem when you fight Fei.


probably the fei longs who dont jump at all, good zoning, backdash happy then do one quick punch move or then 2 _ i just need a gameplan against him


You can add me, I need to find a constant person to play against that uses Balrog


i too would like to play some good feilong, west coast only tho online is already bad enough, id really like to get more exposure against feilong, i use sagat btw