any good FPS??

Any good FPS to play on xbl?? i’m not an expert on FPS, but i was playing counter strike and i liked it… a bit, is there any other good game out there? (not Halo2, i dont really like it :sweat: )

On Xbox, I only have 2 FPS: Halo 2 and Unreal Championship.

Halo 2 is a good game but is only worth playing online if you play against people you know. Playing against strangers sucks, too many assholes/kids/losers/etc out there.
Unreal Championship is also a good game. It’s very fast paced, which is something I like. The problem is that there aren’t that many people playing it.

Other FPS you might want to try: TimeSplitters Future Perfect, Far Cry, Doom 3.

CoD2 on 360.

Rainbow Six 3 on regular Xbox. Too bad nobody plays that anymore.

hmm, thx for the info, i have unreal championship, but for some reason i dont quite like it online, anyways, ill see if i can borrow some of those from some friend :wgrin:
I wish i could afford a 360 :sad: CoD2 seems bad ass

On original Xbox, Black Hawk Down was good (an FPS with 64 players online) but I don’t know if the community will be strong enough that you’ll get a 64 player match these days…

I would avoid black hawk down. If you want something like that try battlefield 2 MC. It’s pretty good especially if you never played the pc version.

BF2:MC still has a lot of people playing ol’ regular Xbox version, so that’s a pretty good shout. Personally, I prefered the 64 player messiness of BHD but each to their own.

I’ve just realised you haven’t specified online games only - in which case, if you find a cheap copy of Deus Ex: Invisible War, that’s worth getting too. And Half-Life 2 though the frame. Rate. Is. Shit.

halo 1 is better than halo 2

Wolfenstien-tides of war.