Any good free programs for creating pdf files?

There is some information I need to organize for a class, and because of the amount of pictures and text I figure pdf may be the best way to go. (Not to mention the prof expressed a preference for a pdf.)

So anyone know of any good free programs for creating pdfs?

did you google this stuff yet? lol

or go to

google: cutepdf

it works on everything.

That was the first thing I did, but there are more than one program that does such things, so I was going to see what people recommended before going through and trying a bunch of them, just in case anyone knows of a good one off the top of their head. If no one knows, no harm no foul, if someone does it helps me out.

PDFRedirect seems to be one that others have recommended elsewhere.

Though trust me, I never ask a question without investigating myself first.

Streak:Thanks I’ll take a look at cutepdf.

I actually really like PrimoPDF. I use it at my company a lot and have found it to be a really nice tool.

i use pdfcreator

it adds a pdf printer which acts just like a printer except it output a pdf file instead, as long as the application has the ability to print it will work regardless of file format.

I use CutePDF, since I’m going to be making .pdf files for my tournaments, and I’ve never had a problem so far.

Thanks guys I’m going to try using CutePDF for this.

pdf955 iirc