Any GOOD GFWL Akumas willing to tutor me?

I understand pretty much most of Akumas gimmicks by now, in
fact I would say I’m a decent Akuma and have been playing
him since early Super days, but I really want to step my
game up, especially in terms of footsies.

Would any good Akumas be willing to tutor me? I’m not looking for a massive
time investment, I realise people have better things to do with their time.

Please don’t apply unless you are a really solid (around tournament level) player,
as last time someone overestimated themselves and I ended up beating them

I play on GFWL but I’m not amazing. I dont only use Gouki so let me know if you wanna catch a few games (live on the east coast). GT: C2Q. I usually play at night.

Sounds good, I’m in the UK but don’t usually experience much lag at all against east coasters.
I’ll send you a friend request next time I’m online.