Any good "Hugo" strats are welcome

Well I know a few things about HUGO, but I haven’t played against that many HUGO’s. Most of the hugo players I have seen or played against try to use hugo like Alex. What I mean is Alex is not an 360 character and most people I have seen play HUGO play him without the 360’s. That is stupid in my mind, but different strokes for different folks I guess.:rolleyes: :lame:

Which special move do you think is HUGO’s best move? Is it the 360 or the clap? IMO Hugo’s best special move is his 360. The clap is the most abused special move with hugo, but you can get hit with a soopa (ghetto slag for Super Art) or you can parry the clap. You can’t parry the 360. If your in range you snatch them. The best thing about the clap is that even if someone parries your clap they can’t hit you after it. The clap is totally safe after it is parried or blocked. Even the strongest clap (FP) can not be hit after parrying or blocking.

All of his soopa art’s are good IMO. It just depends on how you play and how your foes plays against that type of soopa. Some people poke to much and the Gigis breaker works better than any other soopa’s. It takes a long time to build that soopa meter and you usually get one per match. Also it sucks if you like to use EX moves. But you don’t want to use EX moves with HUGO anyway because his EX moves suck IMO. I would rather have my soopa more than have EX moves with HUGO. The Hammer Frenzy is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay weaker than it was in SF3 2nd impact. In SF3 2nd impact the hammer frenzy would combo with 4 crouching jab punches to the soopa, but now you must cross up with the jumping chest press, 2 ducking jab punches to the soopa. Very lame if you ask me, because that was my favorite soopa.:bluu: The Megaton Drop is the most balanced soopa HUGO has IMO. I didn’t use it before because I never used the wall throw in the past. But that soopa opens so many options for HUGO. If your foes like to try to wakeup jumping crossup’s on you all the time, then wake up with the soopa to get the free soopa. Everyone should know to clap your foes to death if you can. The clap sets up every sneaky tactic that hugo has. Let’s say you sweep someone and they are trying to wake up. This is where the fun begins.:evil: You can do a multitude of things to them while they are trying to get up off of the ground. Also don’t forget the that HUGO has a dragon punch grab that is really good when you do it with the short kick. After the DP grab you can get a free taunt. If you do 4 taunts you get the same power up’s as Q’s taunts, but you also get the extra power on your grabs if you call out he female. (I think that happens.)

1st. clap them. ( they can’t hit you after the clap if they parry it)

2nd. clap to the sweep ( if they block and try to attack after the clap they get hit with the sweep)

3rd. ducking short kick 2 in 1 into the jab punch clap (This is a good mixup for people that try to parry all of your moves when they are getting up.)

4th. Ducking SK 2 in 1 into the JP clap into the 360 with kick. (This is a good mixup only once a game)

5th. FP Clap and if they block the clap you should dash over towards them into the 360 (or if you have the megaton drop then do the wall throw to the soopa.)

6th. Just walk up and 360 them.

Well this is what I do and i’m wondering if anyone does anything else that I haven’t thought of yet?

Don’t forget the blocked fierce clap, dash setup. I’m guessing most people would be suprised by this and you could probably get a free grab of your choice out of it.

People always talk about the FP-clap-dash-in-whatever strategy a lot but i dun see how that can be practical in real game. FP clap comes out way too slow the only time i would use it is during my opp’s wakeup. Anyway…

I’ve always been a 720 kinda guy but now i dunno if i should keep using that super. Coz 1 thing i realized is that i might be able to 720 some dude 2 times in the first 3 matches but after that it would get much harder when he starts to play careful once ur super bar is full. This is especially tru against the quicker guys. And i tend to concentrate on landing the 720 everytime my super is full and i know it’s not good, just can’t help it.

So which super would u guys recommend for a non-expert hugo? Well i dun totally suck or anything but i’m not someone that would red parry into 720 or do standing 720 w/o buffering. And i seem to have a lot of trouble against characters that would attack non stop, like ibuki and dudley, any tips?

here is a combo that works with hugo

fp clap - f-fierce

Just wanna add 1 more thing. I dunno if it’s just me or… but i find it a lot harder for hugo to escape from alex’s charge back -> forward + K dashing elbow ( BLOCKED ) into SA3. Could i really dash away from it?

you can do a back breaker

Use SA3. It keeps rushdown to a minimum, as it’s a pretty solid “random” super.

Of course you Fierce-clap on wakeup. Your opponent should be on their ass for most of the match anyhoo. And a parried fierce clap means Free Free Free SPD. Yay for snoogans.

Although I know SA3 is better (it is, trust me) I use SA2, simply because people are afraid of it. It REALLY causes a fear effect in your opponent as an anti-air option. You need mad reflexes to do it reliably, though.


You can also mix it up between a FP Clap->S.FP or FP Clap->C.MK or FP Clap->Meat Squasher(360+K).


Or, if you actually hit with the fierce clap, link a lp clap xx SAIII. That works too. ANd for the person who doesn’t like EX moves, you can d.jab (x2 i believe) into QCF+KK. Sure, it’s not great, but it’s better than nothing, right? Right?

I use SAIII, because SPD is enough throw for me. SAIII gives Hugo’s random low jabs the ability to do damage, which fills in that weakness in this character.

Oh, I’ve recently been playing around with short xx 360+short. once or twice it works well. Gets em to the corner.

I’m pretty much convinced that i should switch to SA3 ( unless it’s hugo vs hugo :slight_smile: ) , but is it possible to link hugo’s jabs into SA3? It worked like a charm back in 2I and i thot they took that out in 3s.

And is his qcf + KK useful in combos? I think u can do Jab Clap into qcf + KK, can anyone confirm?

I don’t think it’s too useful or anything, but it does combo, unlike any other of his specials. Take what you’ve got, I suppose.

C.LP x2 xx SAIII works, it’s not nearly as good as in 2I, where you did C.LP all day into SAIII and it would still combo, but at least it still makes the c.lp more dangerous to the opponent instead of being a quick poke to the shin.

I do think you can do clap, QCF+KK; but I usually just HP or MP. Save the meter. If you want to use super, do that, but don’t do the EX move, it doesn’t do that much damage.

here are some combos i like to do:
Overhead into 360
or cr. short and cancelled into the short meat squasher.
personally, i use SA3 cause i am not really a pro in 3S. so i try this sometiems, just jump into them (ready to parry) and super! after that, i usually scream BAIT-OUTTTT!!

shinblanka: did u steal that avatar from a toronto player named anthony? cause that’s his avatar, and he actually pulled walking 720 in tournment play! o_0

My bad, c.lp x 2 xx QCF + KK doesn’t combo, only 1 lp does. well, i don’t see why you’d use it, but it does.

ALSO: they may have to be crouching to do the 2 clap combo…not sure, I know it does work on crouching Ryu tho.

yeah that does look like my avatar

Yea it’s his av, but I asked him could I jack it in a PM before I jacked it.:rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Damn A walking 720!?!?!?!!?!?!?:eek: :eek: I could do that when I was younger. Now i’m too old, but i’m ok with HUGO.

How do you do the standing 720??? I try so many times but nothing happen

the walking 720 is the toronto 3S mystery! :smiley:

u sure about that???:confused: :rolleyes:

let me shut up lol

It’s Kinda easy, you just gotta be FAST!!!:smiley: To answer your Question, you gotta rotate the Arcade stick(PAD for DC)2x.

the way i do 360 is really just half a circle… if walking backwards… the joystick motion is like this:

back… db, d, df, f, b+punch

u get to choose whether or not to press punch at the end of the joystick motion… if u do press punch/kick the move comes out… if u don’t press a button (ie the opponent is out of range), u won’t jump up

i do the 720 the same way… but it’s gotta be fast… and u if u do the motion correctly u get to choose whether or not to press punch too… but the decision time is shorter

so for example. if ryu is jumping in… i hold back to block any early attacks in the jump… while walking back… now if i see they are not doing anything or i’ve moved back to a point where they can’t hit me with roundhouse… i’ll do

back… db, d, df, f, b, db, d, df, f, b+punch just before they land… and the sa1 will start, they’ll land, and it’ll connect

if for some reason i think i’m too far away or i’m didn’t do the sa1 quick enough… i just don’t press any button keep walking back/do something else

once again… it’s hard to explain… it’s easier to show u on a machine :cool:

the ex lariat is only useful in a few situations…

for example… after performing a neutral throw (choke hold) on makoto facing the corner… u can add one more hit when the throw ends by doing a ex lariat (or sa2)… this only works on certain characters… i generally do a jab to reset (works on everyone) after the throw… then follow up with a 360 setup or meat squasher or other stuff

another situation is if your back is to the corner and your opponent keeps jumping in… do a ex lariat to hit them early in their jump

it is a very fast move to catch your opponent offguard… but it can be easily blocked/parried/crouched under… so it only works once a while…

just in case some of u didn’t know… if u hold the kick buttons after doing qcf+KK… u can delay when the lariat comes out… and the move comes out when u let go of the kick buttons unless u’ve reached the maximum distance ofthe ex lariat (works the same way as sa3)