Any good idea? (PSN+Vega related)



Hi there,
I want to change my current PSN account to a new one - i’m looking for something that has to do with vega… here’s what i come up with:

Marty- PoM > (Piece of Mercury)
Marty- PuD > (Poke until Death)
Marty- PoD > (Poke of Death)

I have start it with marty since it’s my nickname … so any other ideas??


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Then do Marty TV… Or you could do TV Marty lol

I’m gonna do it o.o plus TV sounds kewl


but I want a nickname related to vega … i gave some example in the post above … any three letter word will do it … PTD (Poke till Death ) but it’s like saying the pacific timing lol






Narcissistic_Marty (check spelling)








… last resort but you could always try StopBeingCheap :stuck_out_tongue:


Gotta love Vegaman <3


I came up with this name: Marty-OFB (Only Flying Barcelona) and i’m sticking to it

vegaman_ >> thanks on your suggestions, i was looking for a three letter acronym


JaV baybe.

shame that you missed out on Bloody Marty. That’s soooooo awesome.


glad you posted
but i was kinda looking for a nick that starts with Marty- (somthing vega related but not obvious - any three letters acronym will do it… )

I’m currently using Marty-OFB but my friend says it’s not that much good since only noob vega players abuse FBA and the name may indicate that i abuse this move… so wut’s ur take guys??


yeah i was like hmmmmm his name is only 1 letter off from mary… lol


Marty MaClaw Fly (back to the future) yeah i know it is a bad one


marty’s no fun anyway


This is my new account
Marty-OCS ( Only Crouching Strong ) < vega’s best poke in the game …


I prefer but w/e :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


cause if you can link xx Ex FBA at will…you’re gonna catch a LOT of people.

esp on late wakeup :slight_smile:


PoM would have been better


see… ? marty’s no fun