Any good lag reducing tips?

Anybody have any advise on network or mtu settings for reducing lag?

BTW… proly a dumb question but, can you direct connect with mame?

Play with higher connection setting, preferably LAN or Excelent on UOKS or official servers.

If you are not behind a router, host your own private server and get your friend to connect directly to that. Here is a link to the official server package:

thanks a lot.

If you’re actively looking for competition, then you won’t be able to play on LAN since GodWeapon is the only really active North American server left, and emulinker doesn’t support that setting properly.

The best thing to do is just make sure you have nothing open. This isn’t warcraft where you can have a browser running in the background or something. Even very little things can lag you quite a bit on kaillera.

Make sure you don’t confuse input lag with online delay though. If you’re using a convertor for a controller of some kind, make sure it’s a good quality one.

Generally people will only play on Good, since you usually need to be within about 20-30ms of one another to use excellent, but some people are willing provided you ask.

Want to reduce lag? Play Zsnes instead.

didn’t know you posted here. you still play KI?