Any good method of countering chicken blocking?


I’m not sure if there is a definite answer at what to do when you become chicken blocked. I play Arthur and the moments when I go into Lv. 3 X-factor with Arthur and start doing jumping S to get a good hit confirm and the opponent is smart enough to just jump back and block, there’s not much I can do to counter the situation except for doing a throw attempt(which is pretty risky in of itself). Same thing applies with Vergil’s helm breaker or any other character with a good vertical move. So is there anything I can do about it or should I just back off when they start doing it?


air throw, though yeah i’m sure arthur has difficulty doing that. if you know they’re going to do something to counter your air throw (helm breaker, footdive, divekick etc) then you can chickenblock that. you’ll exit blockstun when you hit the ground, and in most cases this will be before they recover from their move, so you can punish. you can also pushblock in the air, then come down with a j.l or whatever.

you can also clip their legs if you know they’re up-backing. i don’t know the exact number but there are a few frames before a jump where you can still be hit by low attacks. this gets me killed a lot, you’d think i’d learn but nooooo

backing off seems like a bad idea if you’re trying to mount a comeback, unless you just wanna keep chipping them.


Air throw or low.

Like Chirp said.


The general best thing most characters can do is trap them with lows as they land and if they jump frame trap them with j.A or throw. The other best option without considering assist is to get behind them. Chicken blocking loses to cross ups as long as they’re not in block stun. Dash behind press buttons, teleport or air dash behind + assist etc.

That’s without assists though. The main thing you really need is a multi hitting assist that will push them towards the ground if they block it. That’s why people place such an importance on lockdown assists. Even they heavy high/low mix up type characters like Mag or Iron Man really rely on assists that hit multiple times to not have to play the chicken block game all day just to hit their opponent.

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Chicken blocking is reactive- to ‘counter’ it stop being predictable. Mix up your approach. If direct attacks don’t work try projectile. Use your assists too.


If your using Arthur and they’re chicken blocking, SjcxxArrows to move in and then clip their legs with his c.M.


Yeah man. If they are just holding up, doing a standing normal or anything else will stop the upwards momentum from the jump and force them down so you can do a low on them.

I dont know how hard it is with arthur though, since he has poor mobility.


ok… let me set this straight, you are using arthur and you are trying to beat chicken block because they are messing up your jumping S…

Why aren’t you chipping them to death?


This is the first thing that occurred to me as well… Just superjump and fire a bunch of homing arrows… Chicken block is effectively by the uber chip.

However they are probably xfactored… In that case one of 2 things apply… If its lvl 2 or 1 xf, just build the meter and outlast there xf… Then kill them if it was xf 3 you used. If not, and they have activated lvl 3 xf as well and are chicken blocking in the corner… Just use s to get close and then airthrow or low.

If they blocked the lvl3 then Arthur made a mistake… Don’t get it blocked.
Arthur is an ass in lvl 3 xf but he has many counters… The ops job is to try and take away those counters through superior play by getting his opponent to use an early xf to kill off a pesky dagger assisted character



If they are blocking your chickens, you counter by blocking their roosters!
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I don’t understand how low attack counter chicken-blocking.

Playing theory fighter here and i’m the defender, I’m chicken-blocking and as I see myself coming down whether in block-string or not, can I not continue holding down-forward to continue my blockstring and pushblock?


You worded that a bit funny, did you mean something like ‘can you not just come down and carry on holding up-back and not get hit?’

In any case, if for example you are up-backing/chicken blocking and then fall to the ground while holding up-back vs someone’s offense, when you land you immediately enter your pre-jump frames before you leave the ground again. During those pre-jump frames you are considered grounded (but cannot be thrown), but because you are holding up-back you are not blocking a low attack at all.

So while you are only on the ground for a few frames before jumping again, during those frames you are vulnerable to a low attack and you’ll be hit before you get back into the air.


Thanks for the explanation about pre-jump frames, and yes I made an error in my post which I thought was edited (I meant to say down-back after landing).