Any good pad users with guile?



i use a fight pad such as this:

what i’m wondering is if any of the really good guile users also use a fight pad? or is there pretty much a cap on how well you can play guile with a pad… not to say you CAN’T be pro with guile on a pad, but i’m betting it’s easier to pull off his moves and it flows better on a stick.

that said, where’s the cheapest place i can get a fighstick? lol


If you want an introductory stick, just go to and pick up the SE stick.

Sure, you can do anything on a pad… but honestly, for charge characters, perhaps unlike fireball-type characters, you’ll hit the technical wall faster. There is simply no way that a thumb can be as fast as a wrist when it comes to charge characters. Take a look at Gilley’s charge-buffering tutorial. Look at how insanely fast he snaps his wrist back to start building charge again.

You can be very fast on a pad when it comes to back and forth, but the blinding speed you can smack that stick around with is hard to match, coming from someone who started on pad and now moved to stick.

Either way, good luck. Just work on getting good with what you use.


thanks for the reply!

yeah that’s what i thought… but you know any good guiles that use a pad? most likely not but it’d be nice to know someone out there uses a fight pad haha

is the madcatz fight stick any good? it’s only $50 on amazon… but the TE sticks are $130 and up. why the big difference?


The SE sticks come with Madcatz Buttons and Stick which will eventually die on you, and they suck even when they do work. You have to end up replacing them. The TE sticks come with the High quality parts already included in them along with a bigger more comfortable Base. Go with the SE if youre a Techie, its pretty fun to do.


i just borrowed my friends TE stick and man is it easier to pull out those SBs and FKs… but it’s definitely going to be a project to get used to. i find myself jumping instead of booming cuz i input up-forward instead of forward. hahah

i’d like a TE stick but due to funds i might just lean to the SE… would i find the reaction and execution of the SE to be that much worse than TE? and is the smaller base a big problem? cuz i do plan on playing on my lap…


i just borrowed my friends TE stick and man is it easier to pull out those SBs and FKs… but it’s definitely going to be a project to get used to.
Don’t get discouraged. It’s definitely worth the time investment. It took me about 6 weeks of sucking to get back up to speed.

i find myself jumping instead of booming cuz i input up-forward instead of forward**
That will fix itself with time as you become comfortable, but also keep in mind that how you hold the stick is entirely up to you. I actually sit mine on my lap so that the right side is slightly higher than the left. For some reason, due to the way I angle my wrist when I hold the stick, it makes my execution spot on. Dont be afraid to adjust everything to how YOU are comfortable. There is no right or wrong way to do hold or use the stick as long as you’re pulling off what you want to pull off!

i’d like a TE stick but due to funds i might just lean to the SE**
I really love the TE but if you dont have a ton of cash to blow, the SE will certainly do. Is the TE nicer though? Yeah, it is. I find the stick itself slightly more enjoyable in a way that I cant quite explain, but there is a noticable difference.


great input skkra thanks!

i did some research and i found out the difference… SE uses cheap parts internally whereas TE uses all sanwa parts. and the stick in TE, the washer moves around and scrapes parts inside, eventually causing some inputs to be null. so basically SE sticks are good for a week or so and then you have to replace the parts. so $50 for the stick, and $30 for parts, and shipping, makes it about $90-$100… which is still cheaper than $150 for the TE. so it comes down to saving $50, or shelling it out for the larger base.

personally i kinda like how the SE base has a slant to it where you would rest your wrist. anyone using SE have input on how the slant feels on your wrist?


GeoM MoDInside uses a 360 pad. He’s a great guile, you can see his videos here:


no way? yeah i watch his vids… but it says in his profile that he’s been practicing stick since SF4. says “it’s been hell” hahah


Haha, yeah I believe he tried out using stick for a while, but resorted back to using a 360 pad.


I use a standard dualshock 3 controller. I tried using a stick and I found it extremely difficult.


how long did you try it for? shit takes time but its worth it


yeah from the one day i borrowed my friend’s TE stick, i can already tell how easier it was to charge my SBs and FKs. shoto characters are a different story… the square base of the stick makes the quarter circles feel super awkward haha. but yeah guile felt really good with it, i know for sure if i had my hands on it for like maybe a week straight i would get used to it and it would improve my fame greatly.

sadly my friend wanted it back the very next day -__-


I have been using the PS2 D-Pad when playing CvS2 with my bro, and PS3 D-Pad is just as comfortable. Besides I got used to the thumb problems, so no worries here :D.

It does not matter what “weapon” you use, it is all in the will to perfect such weapon.


I bought my stick, opened the box, was super excited… aaaaaand I sucked. Horribly. Instantly felt discouraged. Got crushed by horrible players I should’ve beat because I couldn’t execute.

Many hours of practice mode later, everything felt natural, and now I can’t imagine going back. Give it some time. As in several *weeks *of messing around.


Honestly I bought the SE stick and modded it with sanwa parts. I really like the size of the SE so to mod it with a sanwa stick and pushbuttons was even cheaper than the TE. It cost me around $90 for everything. I bought my stick on ebay for 35 and then the parts for about 55. I would say go for the SE and mod it. I really love my fightstick.


i just won a TE for $92 on ebay. good deal.


I’ve started to question whether to continue maining Guile for this reason. Most of the time playing pad I’m fine but when I’m in a fireball war my thumb simply can’t keep up, I actually start to get cramp on my thumb after a while. Lost a fair number of matches simply coz I can’t keep up with the command fireballs.


just got my TE stick last night and within the first hour of playing i already notice how easy it is to pump out the SBs… even doing the super is easier. came out so fast and clean… and no that’s not what she said.

Xin: if you have the money, i highly suggest getting a stick. either modding the SE or buying a TE… you won’t regret it. who knows maybe you’ll find one for cheap like i did ;D


99, glad you got your stick and are enjoying it! Hop into practice mode and try Super --> Ultra 1, you’ll be amazed how easy it feels now! =)

What kind of pad are you using right now? Obviously its possible to play the game on any type of pad, and while I can play a good Pad Guile, its admittedly not as tight as my Stick Guile. The charge characters definitely remind you that this game was designed to be played on a stick.