Any good players here to fight against my Gief

I’m desperately looking for good players to improve my Gief, but it seems all I get are people with lower BP and people with higher BP, after losing a few times, kick me out and not let me continue to challenge them.

My screen name is AzOpTicaL. I’m look forward to spar with projectile users or mirror match giefs.

I wouldn’t mind playing your Gief with my Ryu. My GT on live is CZackAttack. Send me an invite and I might be on later.

u on psn or live?

I am on Live, using Steam.

I play locally most of the time but school just started and our SF4 gathering rarely takes place anymore.

I’m looking for a good gief to play. I’m a decent ryu player so add me if u wanna play

Cool, but I’m on PC (GFWL) and your on PS3.

After a month playing US players on GFWL, I can honestly say 95% of the players I’ve encountered are scrubs.

Agreed, most people on PC are pretty terrible…

OpTicaL: add me on GFWL we can get some matches in sometime. Add PotentYomi.


I’ve run into some really talented Japanese players in general.

The difference between Japanese players and NA players is that the Japanese have a theme to their style while NA players seem to have no idea what their doing and rather base their style on their opponents reaction.
Reaction game play creates turtles. If their opponent doesn’t attack they seem to have not clue on what to do.

I play Zangief as my main but I play some other chars too I am going to visit a friend he has an X Box I’ll send you a messege sometime today to get some games in if your willing…