Any good Playstation 2 sticks that aren't Hori and easy to find?

Hi SRK, I’m looking for a good stick, preferably one that has good quality parts, for the PS2 because I wanna use it with my Gamecube/Wii and PS3 adapters. The HRAP series sticks are IMPOSSIBLE to find and I’m not too interested in the current Wii model sticks because they are too small. I’m looking at possibly getting one from Arcade In A Box but I’m open for any suggestions.

Outside of a HRAP1/2 I figure that a custom is your best bet if you want something with full Sanwa/Seimitsu parts. That said, if you go that route, then you might as well go multi-console out of the box.

get a street fighter 15th anniversary stick with the correct PCB Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Fightstick MINT | eBay or a namco stick.NAMCO PlayStation 1 ps1 JOY STICK Arcade PAD TESTED | eBay

Yeah, I’m still hoping to see if Jap-Sai gets a Hyper Stick back in stock or I can find something here in the trading outlet. Otherwise, I’ll put in a order for a Arcade In A Box stick. My college is having a end of year party in May with some casuals for some fighting games and one of the games is Tatsunoko vs Capcom so I wanna get a good stick.

There’s this one, the Mayflash PS2/PS3/PC

Mayflash isn’t great stock though.

Get that Namco before meus does.

How about Sega Virtua Stick with awesome layout?

This is the only stick I still want. They’re expensive though.