Any good ps2 to 360 adaptors?

any good ps2 to 360 adaptors?

hey bro not really i mainly play on ps2/ps3 sticks but xcm has one i have never tried it i had 2 buy a 360 stick 2day

The answer is yes…and also no

They’re $80s plus the cost of a wired controller which you need to make them work.

does it works almost as good as the ps2 to ps3 converters in regards to lag?

This question should have been posted in the tech section. And I can see the search doesn’t seem to be up, I’m guessing because all the high traffic is slowing the site down anyways, and they don’t need everyone searching to add to the problems. This has already been posted before, but I will expound on it as I own one.

First off, use this in the future.

Secondly, the thing to remember with these are that there are multiple version of them. You have the original, the pro model, and then a sniper 3.0 and a sniper plus. I’m not sure anyone has tested compatibility with every version of it, or to check how it works with each system update.

Here is my experience, although I haven’t used it in a while. I own the original model, from when it first came out, so it might be a different story with different models. It seemed to work fine with my HRAP 2. I read somewhere that it only works with official Sony PCBs, and won’t work with MAS sticks, and for some reason doesn’t work with the HRAP1s. That is of course for the original model only.

It never worked right with Xbox live arcade version of Hyper Fighting, but then again nothing ever worked right with that game. The timing was off, even with a Hori EX2 360. It was the only fighting game I ever tried to use it with though, as I’ve used the EX2 since I picked it up a while back. I did try and use a regular Sony controller with it to play Halo with some friends, and it kept crashing my system. I’m not really sure why, as it never happened with the HRAP2 plugged in. Also, as stated, you have to plug a wired 360 controller into the converter, which isn’t a problem for me but some people don’t like it. Just make sure no one hits or moves the wired 360 controller because it will still register inputs and will really screw you up if you are online in the middle of a combo. I am actually going to test it out tonight with SF 4, and report back.

Edit: Also, the cost of these things are roughly 80 to 100 dollars, and I bought mine before the EX2, or any other stick was availible for the 360. Nowadays, with all the options out there, it would be best to just buy an HRAP 360, or an SF4 SE or TE. Arcade-in-a-Box makes good stuff as well.

Thanks, I think you pretty much answer all my question. I originally plan on using the adaptor for my MAS stick. I guess the only way for me to use my stick is thru PS3. I actually just receive the inpin converters yesterday. This is probably the main reason why evo pick PS3 as the tournament console. haha lol Microsofts greed back fire on them.

you could use a xfps. works well for my ps pad (3.0/sniper).