Any good reason to purchase 3S online when you're a Bison player?

thats what i was wondering the last few days, as i’ve never played SF3.3, and my main and only char whether in HDR or AE is dictator

thanks if you can help

play 3rd strike. its a good game


Nah, bisons not in it it and learning a new character is clearly impossible so don’t bother, imo


no, just stick to those others and leave 3s for the rest of us.

edit: well, if you like artwork u should get it. i hear u can unlock lots of artwork.

Play it because if your a fan of the fighting game series in on any level, you will want to experience or reexperience third strike over again

If you’re a Bison guy, I assume you love some footsies. Footsies are supposedly…well…not really there in 3S. If you’re willing to take the time to learn a whole new game, like I am, it’d be worth it.

for $15, it’s more than worth a shot to find out. even if you end up disliking the game, at least you know you’ve supported features like ggpo, youtube sharing and arcade-style visual options.

You get to experience the greatness known as parrying!

thanks guys, maybe i will buy it and have Akuma be my main then

yeah i’ve heard a lot about that

You mean Oro. They don’t take away his unblockables in this game. Play Oro.

Let’s see. You play Bison, like charge characters, like footsies, like frame trap corner pressure… yeah, you might like this game.


yh if you play a charge character like bison in sf4 you should try one in sf3 they work a bit different tough i heard, i never played charge in 3s but i will be giving it a try.

well i also need the character to have charisma, and i dont see too many charismatic characters in 3.3 lol (except Gouki)… most of them are kinda weird looking if you ask me

‘EY FUCk yOU! Remy aint weird lookin’ he’s just misunderstood.

Are there any charge characters in 3s? As long as you can play motion characters pretty easily I don’t see any problem.

i just checked out the roster:

well if i go for a charge character i might take Chun li, if not i’ll choose Akuma… they’re the only ones that don’t freak me out lol

nah just kidding, i hate Chun li

You would deny Urien just because of his man thong? How shallow are you? :smiley:

I think ypou’ll like urien in 3s

why the fuck are you choosing a character based on their “charisma”

to make this post a little more productive: charge characters in 3s are not like charge characters in any other game ever, just fyi