Any good sakuras want some matches?



i main balrog and latley i have been having difficult time with this matchup if anybody would like to play some games i got xbox and ps3 perfer xbox usernames on the left send me a invite or leave your gt and ill invite you, i need to level up

also i got 3500 pp if that matters which prolly doesnt


Ah it’s you again. Been making threads like these in all the character forums?

Anyways here’s my PSNs again: QuanChi401 and lilyaw2010


just the 3 characters that i lose to consistently, i dont know what it is about fei long, sakura and ibuki, but high level players give me difficult times and ineeed practice, never know when your going to run into one of these characters in a tourney ! but you seem intrested in playing im going to send you a friends request as soon as i get on, thanks for responding , also nice to see your from RI where in RI i live about 20 mins from providence


Prov and Kingston