Any good T-Mobile phone/MP3 player

So yeah… I need a new mp3 player, mainly to workout with so no 20gb+ mp3 players or anything… And I also need a new phone. So I figured, I’d buy a 2-in-1. Are there any t-mobile phones within the $100 price range or maybe even cheaper that has decent space for mp3s too?


Interesting… It looks really nice. I’ll check it out… Thanks.

I been reading up on it… and people say the battery life sucks?

shadow is a pos

I went with the nokia xpressmusic… only $50.

It’s pretty nice… But whoever thought about the design of the Armband Body Glove that is compatible with this phone didn’t think it through clearly. Idiots… .How the hell is the headphones gonna go on the phone when the pounch blocks the hole!!!

Ohwell, I’ll just burn a hole through it.

This, if your in a budget. Also, the nokia 5310 isn’t that bad.

Edit: i was stupid and didn’t realize that the op was the person i quoted. Get a hard case instead of a pouch?

Yeah, that’s the phone I got. Didn’t realize there were a few xpressmusic models.:rofl:

but yeah… i was gonna get those gel skins, but they only had pink left, so i’ll probably check out another store… and then i got the armband so i can workout/run with it.