Any Green Bay Wisconsin Players For a Meet?

Hey, I recently moved to Green Bay, WI from San Jose and have been enjoying trying to get better at Street Fighter IV, but it gets kind of boring just trying to find people online and play unknowns.

I was wondering if anyone from Green Bay, would be up for a meet. I can host but I really don’t have a good TV (not HD), but totally down for having people over and maybe have some kind of mini tournament followed up with some casual play?

Not sure if people would be interested, but dunno fun to socialize :slight_smile:

We have a wisconsin thread, but yes, there are a handful of us in Green Bay. Me and j1n being the main two. We’ll get you in on our gatherings. PM me and post in the existing Wisconsin thread.

Haha, opps I should have checked better :slight_smile: or used the “find” button silly me. Well thanks a bunch.

-Feels like a moron now- WOOO

living in green bay does that to you