Any guides?


So I decided to get Super Street Fighter IV 3D edition. It’s pretty neat, and I decided to main Sagat. However, I’m having some input troubles. The only thing I can get right is tiger shot. Anyone know how I can get them right?


I don’t know about SFIV but for street fighter V you can use Giefs Gym.

It covers the following
Lesson 6: The Quarter Circle
Lesson 7: The Shoryuken
Lesson 8: Back Forward Charge
Lesson 9: Down Up Charge
Lesson 10: The 360
Lesson 11: Special Cancels

Then there is Gootecks and his Youtube Videos. You can use those if you are new to a stick like me. Daily work outs and stuff (1 to 2 hour sessions daily) . I would recommend not playing ranked matches , you will lose and get discouraged for no reason. Instead play online training. I am sure you will find loads of good players.


Wait, the 3DS game? Does anyone even play that anymore? Also, that game is a complete mess due to the fact that special moves were mappable to touchscreen buttons, making certain characters completely broken (charge characters).