Any Hakan players going to EVO?

Just wondering if any of you guys that main Hakan are headed out to EVO this week. I am getting there on wednesday and I’d love to meet up with some of you and pick your brain for tips and tricks.

Hey man good luck to you and to all Hakan players going to EVO! Make the Oil Army proud! Sadly, I lack money (or proper skill) to go to Vegas, but I’ll be cheering on all the same!

next year hopefully … if i can reach an acceptable level by then … i think dhalsim/hakan/juri would be a monster arsenal to deal with … :smiley:

So, any news from the Hakan players that went there?

I think I was the only one who repped hakan.
I went 2-2.
my pool was winnable too. I had a couple execution errors that ggpo’d me (missed,,s.F+lkXXslide and did c.mkXX360 instead of slied -________________________-).
next year i will beast

I made it to losers finals in my pool. Barely lost to Viscant, and then lost to a Viper from Singapore (I forget his name, but he was really chill guy).

I thought I would get demolished, so I was actually choked that I made it so far… I feel I could’ve had a great shot at making it out of my pool if I had actually played AE more than twice since it came out. Argh. Pouring salt on myself here… :looney: