Any HDTV that has no input lags at all? or recommendations

I played SF4 on 2 of my friends samsung tv and the input lag was horrible. What tv was used for Westcoast Warzone? I remember they said they will be providing the hdtvs that will have no input lags at all.

Any helps needed and thanks in advance

The only HDTV’s with no input lag are the CRT models. If you’re talking about LCD or plasma, there are all going to have some type of input lag.

That being said, I play on a Sharp 52D85U, which has been shown to have 1-2 frames of input lag on 720p and 1080p material. Good enough for me on SFIV, but then again I’m not a tournament level player and I play online more often than not, so there is that lag to also consider.

The CRT HDTVs often perform pretty poorly actually. Standard definition CRTs are lagless though.