Any Highway Entertainmnet buyers?

Has anyone purchased from Highway Entertainment?


I’m trying to buy a cabinet from them and they are being a little weird on the acceptable forms of payment. If some one has done buisiness with them let me know so I can buy with confidence. They are the only place that I can find (outside of coin op express ) that has widescreen cabinets for sale, namely the delta 32 and another cheeper 32 inch cabinet that is compatible with xbox 360 and playstation.

I’ve bought 2 candy cabs from them in the past.

But I live in Aus so the shipping was smooth. What are they giving you grief over?

It’s not so much the shipping. Their site said they take paypal so I sent them my payment through paypal, but now they say they only accept paypal for parts and stuff because they take a hit on the exchange rate through paypal. So I have to wait for them to send me back my original paypal payment so I can do a bank transfer. If they’re totally legit then it’s fine, but it’s just turning into quite a hassle to buy one cabinet.

I get it. Paypal apply their own “adjusted rate” and the seller does get shortchanged a bit.

My cabs were packed nice and tight so I have nothing but praise for their packing and road freight.

damn, $71 for a cyberlead. Even with no monitor and cracks in the cab that is a freaking steal. One of you guys in AU should jump on that.

^^^ I was thinking the exact same thing. Kinda wish I was in australia right now.