Any hitbox players?

I have a couple questions. Do you think a hitbox is better than a arcade stick? Is it difficult to get used to it? What would you recommend a noob to pick hitbox or arcade stick? I’m new to fighting games and i’m having trouble deciding so i would like to know what the community thinks. Thank you

It really depends on what you yourself want to do. While execution on a hitbox is no doubt faster than when compared to a stick, it requires a lot of practice and you can never really be lazy with it. What I mean by not being lazy is that you have to move your fingers quickly off L/R and U/D because conflicting directional inputs with an SOCD fix will never come out and can leave you extremely frustrated and mad.
Personally I think that playing on a stick is more “fun” and the fact that the majority of people use them means that you can easily borrow one at a tourney, etc if something were to happen with your gear; you won’t be able to do that with a hitbox… at least not yet :stuck_out_tongue:

NO. Just no. Its all personal preference.
Yes its true some people who can conceptualize the button sequences can tap directionals quite fast on hit box, but it also have its down side.

No more or less than adjusting from pad to stick

Nether, its all personal preference Hitbox, Arcade Stick, Game Pad, Keyboard, its all the same in the end.
Anyone who say one is better over the other is for the most part full of shit. There is only personal preference, the only consensus on the community is that the default MS Xbox 360 Game Pad’s d-pad is quite terrible and is not worth it any ways, especially for fighters.

Seriously, fuck what everyone else in the Universe thinks.
No amount of "what-work-for-[ Insert Pro players name here] " is right for everyone else.
Nike’s did not make Michale Jordan a Top level Basketball player, his own hard work and dedication is what made him big. The Same applies to every Pro in any competitive field EVER.
Try out different controls and see what works out for you, If you know other people, ask to use there stuff to see what works for you. If there no one near you you have to go fugal on choosing a set up until you find one good for you.

Also keep in mind when you start using a arcade stick or hit box for the first time you will play worst before you start to play better. This can take from a few minuets to a week or 2. This depends on the individual, how much you practice and how quickly you can develop the muscle memory for that controller style. Theoretically a player can play better on a DDR pad or a guitar hero controller that a pad, stick or hit box if they try hard enough.

I think it depends on your character. For grapplers, piano characters, and heavily TK motion reliant characters I think it provides some basic advantages but it isn’t something you can’t overcome with marginally more effort.

I went from D pad to stick and now hitbox configuration. I like the stick better than the d-pad. Now that i’m learning an all botton controller I am almost to where I was (skill level) on the stick. If I continue to progress past what I was on the stick, then my personal choice will be and ABC/Hitbox. It feels natural for me to just sit back and let my fingers do all the work. My forearms get sore though.

As others said, all about preference. I started on controller, switched to stick and fell in love, decided to make my own ghetto hitbox and now I’m lovin’ that the best. Regarding hitbox vs stick, my opinion:

[]Inputs generally feel more precise. For some motions like quarter circles… there’s no accidentally sliding into “Up-Forward” for example because you’re ending on just a single button.
]Inputs generally feel faster. If you’re comfortable with concepts like plinking, this utilizes those skills into your movements.
[]You shift the natural sequential nature of doing circular motions with a stick into your fingers. This can mean some motions will be harder to be accurate with because timing is very strict on them. I find this particularly troublesome in UMvC3… I frequently end up skipping the “Down” direction when trying to do half-circles because the timing is so precise on when to press and lift each finger. This may not be a huge impact in other games where diagonals count toward the motion though. I’ve been slowly alleviating this with practice.
]Getting used to it can take awhile, particularly if your layout is the typical “Up” button at the bottom. That was a big hurdle to get over.
[*]Hitboxes are generally less common than traditional sticks. Most likely no one else will be able to use your hitbox if they aren’t already familiar with them. So if you have a casual hang-out and someone forgot their stick or something, they’re out of luck unless you or someone else carries a loaner stick around too.
tl:dr: Hitboxes require more focus on input timing for some moves that traditional sticks excel in, but once you get that down you’ll generally be faster and more precise with them.

Overall, practice is going to make the biggest difference. Pick one, give yourself a good amount of time to get used to it, (at least a month) and actively work to correct inputs you have issues with and you can do well on pretty much any controller.

I suggest you to try some fighting games on pc with the keyboard. You can setup a key mapping similar to the hitbox and see if you are confortable with it. And if you have the possibility, go to an arcade or try a friend arcade stick. You should try both to get a real idea of what suits you. It’s really up to your preference.

If you’re still hesitating, you can get an arcade stick and mod it into an hitbox later. It’s what I’ve done, it’s fairly easy.

It seems you want to play seth, 360s can be troublesome at first on the hitbox. But by praticing it, you can do it with the same consistancy as on stick. I don’t play grapplers and I can do it most of the time but 720s is too much for me yet.

Personally I find standing SPDs to be much more consistent on a hit box because I play Seth and he has over-lapping moves. The easiest way to do it is to tap :b: do a QCF, and then while still holding :f: press :u: + :p:

Of course you can reverse this by starting with :f:, doing a QCB, finishing in :ub: + :p:

I’ve had pads, stick and now on a hitbox-clone (~1 week). I like things like the SPD being easier (still can’t super or ultra), SRKs being much easier, instant air items being very simple and the amount of dashing I’m now doing. There were combos that were difficult for me to do before, that are now much easier with the hitbox. I’m also now stuck trying to figure how to do Fei Long’s chicken wing (seriously, need help here).

Now that I’ve spent time with, I definitely see why Hitbox Arcade made the decisions on their layout and 24mm buttons. As a right handed person/player, my left hand is definitely tired after about 20-30 minutes of hitbox use on 30mm buttons.

Hitbox is a pretty steep adjustment, but I’m enjoying it so far. I just want to play all my characters (charge-like, spd-based, srk-like) at the same proficiency as with a joystick.

This is how kinda I do the 360s. And for me too, with the hitbox my moves are more precise. It’s very rare now to do the wrong moves with Seth and Hakan. Not like when I was playing on pad and stick where the over-lapping moves and shortcuts gave me often 360s instead of shoryus. And I’m not talking about the mess with Hakan, oil shower (shoryu + kick), oil dive (360 + kick) and super (2xQCF kick).

There’s no reason that you can’t do chicken wings if you can do SPDs. It’s the same motion without the need of the :b:. I assume you already saw the how to hitbox video, if not here it is [details=Spoiler][media=youtube]shmCXte0yBs[/media][/details]

After toying with the hitbox a bit, I can do the chicken-wing motion. The timing isn’t “as fast as possible”, but its much more specific.

This is actually what I did and its what made me realize that I wanted to get a hitbox. So far I have been happy with it. Now I just need to find out a way to play on Xbox with it. Dual mod it somehow or just get a convertor of some kind?

What kind of controller are you using?

If you are using a madcatz PS3 TE pcb, converters won’t work :frowning: And besides, I hear some may even add input lag.

I’m using a hitbox from

We dual mod Hitbox’s… if it is a case bought from the actual hitbox team it will have Auto-detect / socd cleaning for both ps3 and 360.