Any HITBOX users doing the Sesimo spam, if so can you post a tuturial or notation,



For some reason its impossible for me.


Are you trying the dragon punch motion ending with up-forward?
After the seismo hits - 62369p


  1. Hold down
  2. Input SRK shortcut (forward-forward) while holding down, then P
  3. Release down
  4. Hold down again
  5. Press up
  6. Repeat from step 2

So 2323 P (release down) 282323 P (release down) etc…

You’re still gonna have to practice a lot to not get super (any time you release down before finishing the seismo input) and time the super jump after the seismo is out, and no way to put the exact timing into words. This method is arguably harder than just ending seismo in up-forward (at least I had a way easier time doing seismo chains on stick), but getting used to doing seismo chains like this is worth it in the long run IMO, since if you do mess up you’ll get a neutral super jump instead of forward super jump.


Thanks guys for the reply, i was doing it all wrong lol, got something to practice.