Any home theater people here?

I’m getting a pair of Klipsch RB-51 bookshelf speakers for 140 shipped through an accomodation at work. I need advice on pairing a receiver. Not planning on setting up surround sound as this will most likely be in my bedroom and not the living room.

In terms of recievers I was thinking of keeping it below $350. I work at Best Buy so I can get some decent discounts. I was looking at the following:

Yamaha 361 or 461
Harman Kardon 146
Denon 1508

I know Onkyo makes good receivers as well, but I don’t get a discount from then, so I’d like to get it from Best Buy.

Any audio people here that could help me out?

I would go with the Harmon Kardon. They have a lot of inputs and a nice warranty. Nice speakers, might I add.

Are you planning on doing any sort of upgrade to surround in the future? Do you plan on listening to any music using that setup? If so, a good 2 channel receiver might be a better investment than a run-of-the-mill home theater receiver.

After looking at the prices again, I think I’m gonna step up to the F-3 Floorstanders or the RF-82’s. I’m wondering if the Harman Kardon will be able to power them.

I would like to use them for music off and on, mainly rock, ska, and a bit of rap.

if you arent using it for home theater(your thread title is very misleading), dont waste your money getting a home theater receiver and just get a stereo receiver for half the price and more power output

Hmm, I didn’t mean to be misleading. I plan on hooking the receiver up to my 37" Sony for movies, TV series on DVD, along with playing some music. I’m not going for surround sound, but I thought it still fell in the home theater catagory. I know nothing of stereo receivers so help would be appreciated.

The Harman Kardon 3485 looks like it could fit my needs.

My vote is on the Harman Kardon.

yeah man. if you are just planning to use it for stereo sound (left and right speakers only, or a sub as well), a regular stereo receiver gets the job done, no problem. just dont expect to get 5.1 surround or anything.

and harman kardon is good stuff.

Even if you’re not going to above two speakers, you might want to look at a surround receiver, if you want to switch multiple video sources to your TV, rather than having to change inputs on your TV when you change video sources. I don’t believe most stereo receivers have any video capability.

If that’s not an issue, and you know you won’t be going above two speakers, you can generally get a 2-channel receiver with a more capable amp section for a comparable price to a 5.1 or 7.1 receiver.

Yea, it is a good choice, either way, to have a reciever just so you can use it as a switcher. Some are even used as HDMI switches but those are often quite expensive.

don’t get caught up in maximum wattage. especially given your context, don’t buy one receiver b/c its 120W vs. another b/c its 60W. believe me, 60W per channel can be plenty if you are only driving a small room.

any true audiophile should know the key variable is THD. you want clean sound. loud sound, but more importantly clean sound. i haven’t looked at the receivers you mentioned, but any respectable receiver will publish its %THD. if you can, look for something <.1%. i personally guarantee 60W @ 0.05%THD will be MUCH better than 120W @ .7%THD.

but then again 120W @ 0.05%THD would be best :wink:

I’d vote on Yamaha, I normally have their flagship series receiver, and no problems, even my RX-V2092, is still going strong after 10 years in my room. Their support is great with my experience. Harmon Kardon is great also, so is Denon, Onkyo, etc I just would stay away from sub 1000’s Original MSRP receivers, they are normally crap. Also check for DTS, and other sound processes. I love Yamahas DSP features. And make sure to use good wiring, and use Toslink and Coax when possible, unless its HDMI, etc ,etc. Just depends on how crazy you want to take it.

Thanks for the advice. I demoed the Klipsche RF-82 speakers today and absolutely hated them. Way, way too bright for my taste.

Luckily though I managed to listen to the Def Tech 7004’s and thought they were awesome. Now just need to pick a receiver. Thanks for the advice all. I will take it all into account.

pc1x1: I would love to get a $1000+ MSRP receiver but I’m a poor ass college kid : /

I think I can manage this: though. We shall see.

that receiver just seems like overkill for simple 2 channel audio, to me