Any hype for this game left?


I know there was a tourney for it at CEO 2014… but, I haven’t found any videos of it online. Apparently D44BAS won against Ricky Ortiz in the Grand Finals.

Soooo yeah. Does anyone have the videos??


I’m kinda pissed seeing how dead this game was. I thought it was gonna be HD rereleased by Iron Galaxy on PSN/Xlive


Where did you get that idea?


It was all just rumors and hearsay. As long as Capcom is pseudobroke and SNK still exists, this game is not going to happen. IMO.

Check for the CEO stream archive, it should be there.



Oh, I totally forgot about that comment. I’m not too sure if this is going to happen, “as he could be messing around”.


What kind of asshole fucking douchebag cocksucker corporate shithead would be “messing around” with a serious and godlike game like CvS2?!?!?!??!


Dude, I know how godlike CvS2 is, but do you think that Capcom and SNKP are going to agree on a port?
I TOTALLY WANT an HD port, but Jebailey and IG have to do a good job convincing those two on a port.


What else needs to be done than the petitions? Damn… what else could we do?


I have nothing but (I’m just messing around here) we can throw money at them. :bluu:


All hopes crushed… again… since… 2008


You still have a Dreamcast or PS2, right?

just play the game


You can even play the ps3 port in a pinch


you don’t understand… with today’s netplay and technology, you can play online and at least keep the scene more active by playing active human opponents online


the online scene maybe

but what about the local scene where it really counts


Just play the game and introduce it to new players, start some local tournaments with new players. I established regular cvs2 tournaments in my area and half of the people that enter are newschool players that started playin with sf4.
Just try to keep your local cvs2 community alive or if you dont have one establish it first, cause there is no hd remake with online play in the making, at least not to my knowledge. Who wants to play online anyway laggy ass shit… :slight_smile:


Iron Galaxy does a great job with applying GGPO to the ports, so… :bgrin:

Edit: Honestly, I could care less if it has online or not, I just want to have a copy on me.


That reminds me…I’ve gotta get another Dreamcast arcade stick.

I’ve said before that I wouldn’t put much hope in a “proper” HD re-release of CvS2. We’re lucky to even get this recent port. Darkstalkers Resurrection did pretty well in sales but apparently Capcom didn’t think it was enough and they’ve shut up about any future plans for Darkstalkers (aside from Ono being Ono). Not to mention how barely anyone plays online and the offline scene is scattered at best. CvS2 is not quite as old or niche as Vampire Savior but I doubt Capcom will take a chance with another re-release after Darkstalkers Resurrection not meeting their expectations.

So maybe instead of twiddling our thumbs and wishing for something that might never happen, how about we bust out our Dreamcast/PS2/PS3 and play the damn game? Gotta support the community, introduce the game to new players, and SHOW your love for the game. PS2s and Dreamcasts aren’t terribly expensive or hard to find and neither are the sticks for those consoles (well, the Sega Dreamcast stick might be an exception but even then you can readily order PS2-to-DC adaptors). To that extent I’ll even buy that damn PSN port (even though I’ll still be playing it mainly on Dreamcast).


not everybody has a copy of the game and lots of people don’t play if it is not convenient in their very own home and comfort.

also, this game is hard, do you not remember that? the learning curve for this game takes a long time. all the new scrub school players are gonna get crushed and feel extremely discouraged. just wait until an RC A-Bison,Blanka,Vega come out


Copies of CvS2 aren’t hard to find, if people really want to learn the game they’ll find a way to obtain a copy. I myself have two copies of the Dreamcast disc and my FG hangout always has an extra PS2 and Dreamcast in stock to play CvS2. So it helps to have an extra setup on hand to bring to your local gatherings.

(plus if it’s really too much to find a legit copy, there’s always the option of burning the game onto a blank CD-R…)

Honestly, being “hard to play” hasn’t stopped people who want to learn the game. No one said it’s easy. Part of what makes CvS2 fun is that it’s highly technical. It’s a game that was built upon a decade of Capcom/SNK fighting systems. CvS2 is one of my favorite fighting games even though I’m honestly not very good at all. I’m pretty much a new-school player compared some of you old timers. I’ve gotten my shit rocked by SHOSHO/Paint the Fence and I haven’t given up or gotten discouraged. Granted, I don’t get to play as much as I would like to but I still love the game enough to pop it in every once in a while, even if it’s just doing Training mode for hours.